Saturday, July 21

We went to Ft. DeSoto today.....

It was overcast and kept threatening to rain, but we really enjoyed ourselves. My friend Tanya and her son Cornelious went with us. Tanya and I were talking and realized we had been friends 10 years.

Anyway, when the rain looked like it was getting close we packed up and headed home. Ft. DeSoto is in St. Petersburg (that is across Tampa Bay), and we live in East Tampa. When we were crossing the bridge there was a BAD storm and everyone was going about 35 mph and had their flasher's on. You had to sit forward as you were driving to be able to see the lines in the road. It was still raining, even over where we live, when we got here. It has cleared up now. I did the girl's hair when we got here too. What a job that is, but I had stopped by the hair store and bought a new oil/detangler/conditioner and that seemed to work well. I put them in 3 braids a piece and they all look clean and cute.

I am cooking chicken and rice. I used pressed garlic, seasonings, pepper, and frozen season veggies. It smells good as it is cooking. Jake is baking bisquits, and Georgie is finally baking that Lemon Cake, so dinner should be pretty good. What did you have for dinner (you can put this where it says comments, you know)?

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