Tuesday, July 17


I was reading my last few posts and have you noticed that I talk about food a lot? It's a large part of what I do though...cook for my family. Tonight they are having corn dogs, baked beans and salad.

I'm still at work, it's a busy day again today. Tons of stuff to do and about half way through, I always get tired of doing it. It gets done though.

I am looking foward to our upcoming vacation now. We are going to Gulfport, Mississippi and getting a place on the beach for a few days. We are meeting my sister and her family there. I haven't seen my sister in 25 years. We actually had lost all contact 'til a while back. I finally found out her married last name, and the town she lived in. I did an AOL (when I used to have it) search for everyone in that town and just started sending emails out to everyone there. A guy emailed me back who found people for some mortgage company or something. I gave him her old address and he found her right away. Didn't charge me anything, and from then on we were in touch. My sister Paula reads this blog, so I am going to ask her and see if she knows.........Paula, what day and month was that? I also want to know when she is going to start her own blog, it's free you know...........just click here Blogger ! I warn you though...it is addictive. Anyway.......we will be in Mississippi from the 4th to the 7th. The kids start back to school the 8th or we could have stayed longer. You know neither place we are renting is rented for Friday night. It would be nice if we could leave the 3rd and get that extra day.

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