Wednesday, July 25

Template won't update

I tried to return the favor and add a link to KindlyRat's site, but my template is not updating at all. In addition to that I am working on a page that defines my family so when I say Leroy, or Jake, or George, or Jamila, or Lee Lee, or Destiny, or Joy, or the Asshole, or the other girl, you will know who I am talking about. I did go to Blogger and found out that they are moving files again, so that is what the problem is.

I went ahead and paid $59.99 at Homestead for two years hosting. It allows me to store up to 25 mb of pictures and stuff, and it has 10 bandwidth (what ever that means and I would like to know so please tell me!!!!). It would cost nothing and give me 8 mb of storage, but I already have 5 mb stored there and I know I am going to do a lot more stuff as time goes by. Oh, by the way, you kind find the beginning of my family detail site here. Maybe I can work on it tomorrow. I have the day off because of the biopsy. What I won't do for a day off, huh?

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