Monday, July 30


Sorry folks, just good ol' tomatoe soup and crackers tonight.

The girls are already showered and Georgie is playing his PlayStation. Jake is fixin' the cage for the Iguana. We had a chicken wire cage and we put him outside, but he wouldn't eat and was looking sick so we put him back in the 20 gal. tank in the house which is much too small for him. he hasn't pooped for a week, but he is fat again ;-). So we brought the chicken wire cage in the house and Jake is putting newspaper in the bottom. I'll bet he goes when we put him in there. He loves messing up a clean cage and he always goes when he gets nervous.

Welp, now Daddy is home and Georgie needs to get in the shower and I want to see how Moe the Iguana reacts to the cage change ;-)!

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