Sunday, January 23

6 Ingredients or Less! meat chart

Believe it or not, I cooked a turkey tonight. Just a 12 pounder. I thought it would be good for a change and sandwiches.

This has been a good, but not productive, weekend. We had outright TOLD Pastor Perry we were going to church today and we didn't. Just flat lazy.

I worked hard at work last week and I plan on continuing it JUST THAT WAY.

Wednesday, January 19

WebMD Weight Loss Clinic: Seven Deadly Diet Sins

I probably didn't mention it here, but I have lost quite a bit of weight. I am at 177 right now, a year ago it was at 213. I want to get down to 150, but don't want any more lose skin than I already have! Gross!!!

The primary weight loss was from changing my meds. I had taken Paxil for a few years now. No one bothered to tell me, they say Paxil "packs it on". I am better on the new med now anyway!!!

I worked out in an intense class last Thursday and have not been able to move since!

Tuesday, January 11

I probably didn't tell you that I am down to 178 pounds. It turns out that the Paxil I was taking made me gain weight, so last year I was up to 213.

Now that I am down to a reasonable size, I have started working on getting fit and healthy again. I have joined WedMD . I does cost about 5 dollars a week, but I think the food journaling and the eating plan they came up with based on my own preferences is going to work for me. I worked out yesterday. 20 minutes cardio, and about 5 sets on the weights. Today I did 35 minutes cardio and about 10 sets on the weights. I will probably be sore tomorrow, but I know I am going to enjoy getting fit again!!!!

I have not been going to church regularily, but my heart is there. I am going to start planning out my weeks better.

I heard today that children that eat together with their family are more well adjusted. We almost ALWAYS eat an evening meal together. Tonight we are having pork chops bakeed with spices and mushroom soup, boiled potatoes, green beans and biscuits.

It is all I can do not to spy on my oldest child in Oregon. You know I have computer talent and that is not too hard for me to do. I just don't want to know any more. It's so sad. I can see her going down the road I went down when I was her age. She will suffer, but hopefully she will live until she gets her senses back. It hurts me to have Destiny (my granddaugher by her who I am raising) talk about her Mommy, and she doesn't even know that her mother is a racist and doesn't want to have anything to do with her because she is half black.

Jamila had a vast improvement on her report card. Now I have to start working harder on Lee Lee and George. It is NOT easy to raise so many kids. The homework alone will exhaust you. I would not trade my life for anyone's though. Messy house and all.

God bless you and yours.
InJesus - We make ministry communications easy Interesting site.

Wednesday, January 5

Monday, January 3

Free Screensavers - by Appleblossom Art That is a cool site, I just downloaded the Butterfly Fantasia Theme!!!
Okay, back to work and tomorrow the kids will be back to school. Jake went back to Washington yesterday. Things are getting back to normal.

The kids are "home alone" today, but of course Georgie is 13 now, so we're legal.

The weather is WONDERFUL. Upper 70s during the day, cool in the mornings.

I am getting out 125 merge letters today. I have an appt. at 2 and will go home from there. I have been here since 6:30 and don't take a lunch.

I think I will start going by the Y after work starting tomorrow. I have lost quite a bit of weight in 2004. I weigh 182 right now. Down from 213 the beginning of the year. I can get back in size 12 shorts again, and that is wonderful for me!! I need to tighten up now!!!

Sunday, January 2

Happy New Year!!!!!

Lots of stories to tell if I got started. Most of which I think are delightful, but may not appeal to all tastes. I had forgotten there were sub-cultures of individuals that would probably think our way of living is boring, or whatever.

Guess you noticed, I have been in deep thought about alternative lifesyles, etc. I can remember my liberal past, but it doesn't change the conservative heart I have now. I like having an old-fashioned household in so many ways. The only part I wish is that we had "sure enough" money and I could spend even more time at home.

I am fortunate in my job though. I have a wonderful, understanding supervisor. I appreciate her (and no she doesn't even know about this blog)!

I'm happy, but I have found what I was missing in my life. I always felt (when young) that there was a hole inside me, an emptiness. I spent years trying to fill that void with drugs, casual sex, etc. It took me getting a little more mature to realize that the void I felt inside me was the place that Jesus leaves for himself. If I filled the void in my life with him, then my life should be in HIS will, and as perfect as it can be in a world of humns.