Thursday, May 31

I was somehow sitting here thinking it is Friday. The heat must be really getting to me. It is REALLY hot outside. I'm gonna let the kids get in the little pool. Actually it's not too little......I usually buy the $10 pools from K-Mart and this time I got the $20 one. It's about 10 feet across, and two feet deep.

The class will be over tomorrow and I will be glad. This has been kind of a rough bunch. Mainly one or two young men, but that's all you need in a class like that to really keep stuff going crazy.

I might get in the pool myself ;-)
My husband get Claritin D from his Dr. for his allergies. If I take one at night I wake up feeling GREAT! Weird huh? I get really congested at night though and when I wake up my sinuses start draining which makes me sick. With the Claritin, that doesn't happen. So today may be a brighter day! It's starting off pretty good ;-)!

Wednesday, May 30

I think we have to get back in church........It's almost like our family is under attack. Leroy called last night and had two flat tires at work, so we went ahead and bought four of course. We needed them anyway. I'm tired y'all......

Tuesday, May 29

I am teaching my class for noncustodial parents this week, so I won't be able to be online a lot. Yesterday was great. We went, again, to Ft. Desoto beach in St. Pete. I am burned and was blitz all day. I am still depressed about what happened. I don't know if I can ever get over it. And this to will pass............

I am going through my valley right now, it has been a terrible month. But, you know what, this WILL pass. I just wish it would hurry the heck up!!!

Sunday, May 27

I got my hair cut in a short bob. It look kind of funny right now, but I donated 12 inches of hair to the kids who have chemotherapy who need wigs. I just got back from Kash N Karry gettin groceries. We are have spaghetti for dinner tonight. That's easy to cook. I can have the kids cut up the onions and I have a garlic press.

For folks who may wonder how I am holding up after my ordeal.....not the best, to tell you the truth. I felt really dirty, i.e., the hair cut. I am a bit disillusioned with mankind. You know what I do is help people getting out of jail, welfare, prison, whatever to find jobs and get employability skills. I don't know if I will ever feel the same about folks.

Those who know me well, know that I have been in lots of trouble in my life. Been addicted to drugs, been to prison in my younger days. I think now how I must have looked to so called "normal" people....I know how I must have looked.......disgusting! Because that was how those person looked to me. I don't think I have enough Jesus in me anymore. I can't love folks with that unconditional love anymore. I'll get over it, I guess.
Well after the last problem with Joy, she called the police. As much as I hate to admit it because of the humiliation, the police came to my job and arrested me. The police lady tried her best not to do it, but Florida law dictates that if someone accuss you of domestic violence you go to jail and the court has to figure it out. I will say this. Joy is no longer my daughter. Hopefully this blog will now cover things in my life that are lighter and happier, but it just doesn't always happen like that. Does it.....

Friday, May 25

Okay, the latest Joy drama. Her landlord called me last night and said there was a big fight over there and one of his other tenants had called him and was afraid to go to work because he had kind of gotten in the middle of it. So we agreed to meet him over there. She let us in and the boy was on the bed with the other girl and she didn't have her shirt on. The house was undiscribably filthy. Joy was raising hell. I said something about Leroy referring to him as "your daddy", and she went into the routine, "he is not my daddy" etc. And I don't mind telling you, her biological daddy has never done anything AT ALL for her. Leroy has taken his day's off and fixed her car, given her money even when I told him not too.....well I could go on and on about that.

So when I started getting mad they (Joy, the asshole boy *Randy*, and the other girl) left. We had heard they had been fighting with the people across the street, so when I saw the man come out of the house, I went over and introduced myself. He was a white man, but he said his girlfriend had a biracial son and the boy had went over to Joy's house earlier because they owed him money. The boy is 15. He had been selling papers for them apparently. They owed him $13. Well, Randy had spit on him and they all had called the boy a Nig**r, and pulled a knife on him. I was so upset. Now my granddaughter (Joy's baby) Destiny is biracial. Three of my children are biracial. I would HURT anyone who ever disrespected my children like that. Anyway, I went inside their house and hugged the boy and apoligized.

So, the landlord and us agreed to meet at Joy's house Saturday so we can move my furniture I let her use out of the house. The already don't have any gas for the gas stove and I called Verizon yesterday and her phone bill is $1,540. Pray for my poor misguided daughter, okay. And for me not to kill the asshole she is with.

Thursday, May 24

Don't know if Blogger is working yet. Let's see, okay.

Wednesday, May 23

AOL sucks, AOL sucks, AOL sucks, AOL sucks. Well I will be on my way home soon to meet the guy who is running the line for my Road Runner. I got NetZero's $9.95 for here at work, because they use AOL here and you can't get one when someone else is on. So I call to cancel my AOL and AOL DSL (which has never worked) and the guy got really pissed, said he couldn't do it, and would not let me speak to his supervisor. SOOOOOOOOO........I cancelled the check card that I use to pay the AOL account, ordered another one with a different number. Emailed them to that effect.

I am now using Hotmail for email ;-).

Tuesday, May 22

Okay I am finally adding new pictures to the VIEW PICTURES HERE area over there on the left. So you can see why I am crazy ;-).

This is my Lee Lee, Jamila and Destiny.  Lee Lee is six and is Student of the Month and PeaceMaker this month at school.  Jamila is 8 and was Student of the Month last month.  Destiny is three and thinks she runs everyone and everything ;-)

This is my granddaughter Destiny and her best friend Deja!

These are my girls
Leroy is unhappy with his job. They hired a new guy with very little experience, so they had Leroy training him. Come to find out the guy is making just 25 cents less that Leroy. This is not the first time that type of thing has happened. Leroy has told me before that he felt like he was being discriminated against, but I don't always believe that when I hear it. I guess it is used as an excuse so many times with the clients I work with that I just don't always like to believe that happens in this day and age. It is obvious to me now that that is just what is happening.

We have a vacation coming up though in August and if he changes jobs now, that could effect that. I think I may call the county office for discrimination and see what the options are there.

Monday, May 21

Okay, I am so good at telling everyone else how to run their life. Why can't I practice what I preach. Suuuuuuuure I ate at Subway, and then went right over to McDonald's and got a McFlurry. What a hypocrite I am.

Found a pretty different weblog today. Has a picture of the guy right on it. Butt naked. Turned out he was gay, but it took me a while to figure it out. Finally when he was discussing how they had sex, I got it. I can be so "green" sometimes, you would never believe I had a quite sorted past.
I am going to SUBWAY for lunch. It's the healthier fast food ;-)!
What a wonderful day we had yesterday. The beach was lovely. My friend Lillie, her husband Paul, me and Leroy and the combined kids (11 of them) all went and had a great day! I will say this one should ever party of Sunday knowing they have to get up and go to work in the morning.

We are supposed to go back over to Ft. DeSoto Memorial Day, but I think I am going to suggest that we go that Sunday and then we will have all day Monday to recover ;-).

I didn't get too much sun though, thank God. There were trees and picnic tables right by the beach. The fella's cooked hot dogs. I was really nice! Now.........back to work ;-)!

Sunday, May 20

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME. IT'S YA BIRTHDAY, GO JAMIE, IT'S YA BIRTHDAY, GO JAMIE. Ah well. I'm 41. Good excuse to get Leroy to go the beach. He never does anything but work. Of course he's not much for the sun ;-). We are going to Picnic Island. Not my favorite spot, but it has tables and canopys..

I changed my mind, I think we will go to Ft. DeSoto. Better beach, no rocks. A little bit farther, but what the heck.

Leroy has gone to the store. He always waits to the last minute to get me my little gift. I'm just glad to have such a wonderful husband, even though he did take advantage of me last night ;-)! Yep, I still got it going on like that ;-)..........

Saturday, May 19

This is George, Destiny, Jamila, and Lee lee

Well, I am right in the middle of cooking. We are going to the beach (even with my fat self) tomorrow for my Birthday. Yes, I should be going to church. rice needs to be added.

Ah well, that's done............I am uploading pictures to Homestead as we speak (or I type) and soon the area where it says "VIEW PICTURES HERE" Will be updated.

The kids are filthy. Lucky for soap and water ;-)!
Well tomorrow is my Birthday!!!! I actually got 3 cards!! I will be 41 tomorrow. Today I feel 60, but I went grocery shopping and then had to go to the feed store to get feed for the chicken. My back is not what it should be. Probably because I am too lazy to excersize at all. I have started drinking lots of water though.

I am cooking chicken tonite, and stuffing, and farm picked corn on the cob, and making Leroy a sweet potatoe pie.
Well, Leighanne (our 6 year old) got suspended from the Rec Center (where they go after school) yesterday. It was her third offense for spitting on someone. She has no after school care now for 2 weeks. Luckily my best friend is a stay at home mom with 6 kids like me. She will pick Lee Lee up after school and keep her the hour before Jake (our 14 year old) gets home from school, then he will pick her up and bring her home.

The drama never ends around here. I got my Dad's wedding pictures and other pictures yesterday and will put some online later. But I called Joy to tell her she could come see them (I didn't mention the landlord had called), and she wanted me to bring Destiny to her house. I told her I was not coming over there because there was always a problem, but that she was more than welcome to come to my house, see the baby, and the pictures. She sounded high on something. I called my Dad later and he said she had called him several times and had sounded high to him too.

Well.....I have to do my banking. I do it all with Quicken and download. I reconcile every day. Have too around here, there are so many bills and so much going out ;-)!

Friday, May 18

It's 3:30 a.m and I can't sleep.

Joy's landlord called me last night and told me he asked Joy to be out of the apt. by Sunday. Asked if Leroy and I would try to make sure she didn't trash the place any more than she already has. I told him that we don't even really communicate with Joy, but we would help him clean the place up once she left. After all, we know that he never would have rented to her had we not been there. No one rents to kids and now we know why.

The sheriff's office was unable to serve the man who is suppose to be Destiny's (our granddaughter who lives with us) biological Dad with the papers for custody. I did some checking and found out he had just gotten out of jail so I missed an opportunity there. We really need to get legal custody of Destiny so we can get her into the HeadStart program amoung other things.

I raped Leroy last night in a major way. I think he'll hurry home a little sooner from now on. ;-)

Thursday, May 17

Okay this is the way it is. Leroy has been off work since 5 it is now 6 my time. I have issues I know that, but I cannot hanlde him not coming home.

Oh, he's not with another woman, but all he does is help other people. That's okay, but damn, where does our time come in?

By the way, I went to the nut doctor today...................results later......
A lot better morning this morning, although I did get a 2 a.m. call where no one said anything. I *69ed it and it was from Joy's house. I blocked the number again.

Boys are already up and dressed. Now it's time to get the girls up, washed, brushed. combed and dressed. Nothing like having three heads of hair to do in the morning and it is that curly mixed kids hair.

I will be at a Social Entreprenurial training this morning and then to the Doctor this afternoon. Might get home a little early though. That would be nice!

Wednesday, May 16

Well this template stuff is running me crazy
Coping better now too by the way. I am really a nut case though!
Finally found the background and new banner for this blog, now I just help figuring out how to put it up there. Tried to copy Daniel's code and I put it in like his was but it didn't show up. I have sent a request for help though. Hope he feels sorry for me ;-)
Why is it that I just can't seem to cope sometimes. Every thing that happens seems so MAJOR! I am really lucky that Leroy is so supportive, but being supportive the one hour I see him in the evening is not quite enough. He works ALL the time, and even when he is at home is outside working on something or the other. Could be worse though. He loves me and I love him, and we do communicate well in what little time we have. Am I wrong to want more? I need help sometimes. All those kids just about run me nuts, not counting worrying about Joy all the time. Plus...I really need to do a major cleaning in the house. Have you ever noticed that when the house is not as clean as it should be it is really depressing?
My stress level is too high and that makes me drink too much, and then my household falls apart because I am everyone's glue. Sometimes I just don't want to be everyone's glue. I'm tired, why can't someone else run stuff for a while. Guess I should go to a nut doctor and start working things out. In the meantime..........why is it that all the laundry can be done and I still can't find socks and underware for the little girls?

Tuesday, May 15

The boy threw the stuff I took over there in my front yard. I REALLY need comments on this one. Should I kick his ass. Me--41, overweight, still got it. Him--21, skinny, asshole.
Well I broke down and went by my daughter Joy's house last night. She is in an unbelievably bad situation. I haven't been by there because I have such a bad temper and I was afraid I would not be able to control myself with that boy she is with.

In case you don't know.......she is pregnant again. Now....she can't even raise the child she has, I do, but she allowed herself to become pregnant. I don't believe in abortion, but if there is one person who needs an abortion right now it is Joy.

Anyway.....I had talked to a friend of mine in Hawaii, and she was going to let Joy come over there. So my friend talked to her over the weekend and said Joy was deathly ill, and had at first rejected the idea of coming over there but later had called her back and said she would come. No one had been able to reach Joy yesterday and I got worried, so later last evening I got one of our extra phones, some orange juice and some iron pills with folic acid, and went over there. Didn't go inside, she came out, and I gave her the stuff. As we were leaving (my 14 year old Jake went with me) I told Jake to go to the open window and tell Joy to call me here at the office today. Jake over heard the asshole boy saying, "What the fu@# were they here for" and "Why the fu@# didn't you just tell them to stay the fu@# away from here". Glad I didn't hear it, because I wouldn't be free to be writing this right now.

All I can think of is that I put my parents through hell, and now it is coming back on me.......

Monday, May 14

Well the changes to the template work, but the posts don't. Don't know what to say about all this.

Will do an update on Joy later. Wait 'til you hear this one!
Well, I'll just say this........Ev is the bomb! I was starting to wonder if this was the end of Blogger, but he pulled us through. He must be a friggin genious ;-)

Saturday, May 12

Well, now I am having problems publishing on Blogger. Let's give it another try!

Friday, May 11

Made it home on a Friday afternoon. The new scanner came in at work, I installed the software, hooked it up. Went to reboot and it froze when it recognized new I had to do a hard boot. Now it doesn't come on at all. I've called a guy who knows more about configuration that me, but if he is not there early Monday I will die.
Hey is Blogger down again? ;-)
Thank you Daniel, for sending me the code that changes the color in the scroll bar. Now if you would just get my picture and cut it out like yours that would be great ;-)!!!

Thursday, May 10

Well the funniest thing happened...I took code from the blog and saved to my web folder. The I brought it up in Front Page to see if I could play with it there. So I changed the theme, got bored excited out and when I went to my work website in Dream Weaver my work site had changed to the same theme. Of course I hadn't put it up yet, but it took me a while to figure out what I had done. Then I went back in the other software, brought back up the blogger file, changed the theme to "no theme" and almost all my work website went back to normal except a special background on the index page. Now if you can figure that one out, let me know!
, I'm just about through playing around now ;-)!
Okay, now I want to add dividers to my left side. Do you think this is too busy?
See the pretty flower?

Wednesday, May 9

I had started before to write about what is happening with my 18 year old daughter who does not live with me. I had written for a long time and then got knocked offline so I am not going to do that again.

I will say this.....She has taken a couple into her apt., she is sleeping with the young man, he now controls her every move. Her and I no longer talk at her (his?) request. I have gotten to the point where I tried to physically assault him (he ran, the punk). She can't pay her rent. Her landlord told me she paid $140 of the $450 she owed. Her checking account is overdrawn by $250.

I have filed for legal custody of my granddaughter Destiny who I have been raising, and Joy says she is pregnant again. Life sucks sometimes.
Well the new scanner has to be sent back. It needed a different card to be able to go into my computer and I would have had to bought it. Not going to happen. So I called Quill and told them they deeded to send for it. I looked on the site and found another one, a HP, that does not require adding another card to my work computer.

Now.........time to go home!!!!!
Alright! I've got my new scanner at work. Now I just need some decent software where I can create background, graphics and stuff.
The wedding was wonderful, but I ate too many oysters and was sick Monday. I haven't felt much like messing with this Blog lately. I think I'm going through some strange mental thing. I may go to the Doctor and see if I am really as much of a nut case as I feel like I am.

Saturday, May 5


Tomorrow my Dad gets married. Makes me sound young doesn't it? Truth of the matter is I will be 41 this month and my Dad is in his 60s. The lady he will be marrying is wonderful! She's been working on him for 3 years and tomorrow she'll get what she wanted. It's so funny! She really is great though. I think she's in her 50s. I think I will buy them a tree for their wedding pbesent. They live in the middle of a couple of acres of cleared land, so a tree would probably be great.

Friday, May 4

Well the archive issue is solved based on instructions found here ! Now I think the mystery is solved.

I tried to copy the blogger code and paste it into my Dream Weaver software to do cool stuff with it, but it didn't work.

Well I am going to go home early today.............Jake and Lee Lee are locked out anyway and are waiting at a neighbor's house ;-).

Thursday, May 3

As you can see I have been working on my archive issues. I have had minimul success (at least something is there), but am going to continue. This has been an ongoing issue that has frustrated me to no end. Being the stubborn b--ch that I am, I will not let the Archive Demon possess my Archives. We Shall Overcome!

Wednesday, May 2

Okay why is stuff not posting!!!!!!!!!!
Okay why is stuff not posting!!!!!!!!!!
I finally got a decent picture of Leroy and I scanned and up here. I think I deserve a prize of some sort!
Anyone that knows me knows I love Chardonnay, but does that qualify me to join the wine webring? Well, as much money as I spend on the stuff it should!
Daisy's are my favorite!

It's Spring Time
Check out what Chris has done atCodeBurn!
Nothing like a SiSSYFiGHT. I will admit they beat me up!
I like getting to work early. Warming up whatever it is I brought for breakfast that day. Getting organized. Having a minute to myself before I get into full gear.

I can't believe it's already Wednesday. The week is going by fast and that's a good thing. My Dad is getting married this weekend to a wonderful lady, and I am really looking forward to that. Think we may go to the beach Saturday morning for a few hours so I can get a little color. We've been once and I got a burn that will now help me get color. I will probably go swimming after Daddy's wedding in the pool and I don't want to be too pale. The wedding will be casual and in his yard (which is lovely anyway) ;-)

Well, better get organized for my work day!

Tuesday, May 1

Keeping in mind I have little children, this is my dinner menu.......Macaroni and Cheese with hamburger meat in it and Green beans. Maybe bicuits (I probably didn't spell that right) How do you spell that anyway....
Oh boy, oh boy. Now you can actually comment on this nonsense I type in here. To me, this is exciting! Of course my buddy Daniel showed me how to do it. I just keep adding on........
eBay Melee This was funny. I stole the link from Red Dwarf of course. You can find a link to his site on the drop down menu below. ;-)
Have you ever wondered where the end of the Internet is. Well I found it!
Well I guess Blogger was down yesterday because I was unable to get to the edit screen or to view my page or anyone elses on Blogger.

I am back in the office this week. A little limited for time due to being out of the office all last week teaching that class. I was out to to the jail yesterday talking to 27 men in the drug program about work ethics and employment. I am usually out there about once a month and have really had some good groups but that one yesterday was a hard group. I like going to the jail though and encouraging folks that they can make it. But now.....its time to get to work.............