Thursday, April 24

Jake was suppose to bring home his progress reports from all his classes to day. I got one and it was an F. Last semester Jake almost ran me crazy have to go on and on with him about getting all his back work done. He ended up going from Fs in all his classes to 2 Bs one A and one F in Geometery. I refuse to go through that again this semester. Jake will be 17 years old in July. If he is too stupid to do his work, he just will fail. I DO NOT need the stress of making him do his work.

They say when your children are little they step on your toes and when they are older they step on your heart.

Monday, April 21

Here are the pictures of Joy and the baby.

I took Joy to have her hair done, maxed my Target card out because she had no clothes nor did the baby. People from the church brought her a whole wardrobe! We got 2 car seats, a high chair and a stroller.

Yesterday she went "on a walk", was gone 2 hours and in the middle of the night last night she left and left a note saying she was going back to "Randy" because he deserves a second chance.

At least she didn't try to take Destiny.

Wednesday, April 16

Well, Joy is coming home and bringing my grandson.

I have prayed that God bring her home safely and He is! I will get a chance to love my little grandson now too! I am so happy. I am only sorry she had to learn the hard way about the situation she was in. I just hope and pray that now we can make this transition smoothly.