Friday, March 30

I'm having a little problem with my posting................Let me see if I can fix it!
Sorry to my friends and family who signed my previous guest book! I found a different style that was a lot nicer. If you sign it, it will even send you an email thanking you for signing it, and it will let me know someone has been there! So please sign my guest book. I will keep this one and look forward to hearing what you have to say!!!!!

It's Friday!!!!!!! Jacob (my 14 year old son, picture to follow soon!) did get his cast off Wednesday, but he had to have a brace custom made and it will be done this afternoon. So I will be leaving work around 2:20. George and Jamila have a party at the Rec Center tonight that lasts until 10pm so it will just be Leroy and I and 3 kids at home tonight. That's a breeze!! We are going to rent a movie at Blockbuster (we got a 2 for 1 coupon in the mail), and chill out! Maybe even get a pizza!
I am attempting to change my guest book. If successful, I will delete the old guestbook which will mean I will lose the posts there. The new one should be much better though!

Thursday, March 29

This is Jamila, she will be 8 on April 16th!

Apparently I have offended someone by my use of the phrase "Brain Dead" when talking about drivers who do not use their blinkers when turning. I am very sorry if something in my Blog offends anyone, but if someone wants to add a "not so nice" comment in my guest book they should please leave their email address so I may respond in kind. My first thought was to edit the offending comment, but I came to the conclusion that this is MY little space. If addressed respectfully, I would reconsider my comments. NNNNNNOOOOOOTTTT!

Wednesday, March 28

OnThis site you can find the "how to's" for just about anything. Lots of useful information

Another day..........taking Jacob my 14 year old back to the Doctor today. He's had cast on his arm 3 months. Hopefully they will be able to take it off today. If it is not healing well still, they will have to do another surgery! God, I hope not......last time was a BITCH!

Tuesday, March 27

Well, I have finally decided.......yes, I am crazy. Hamburgers and wild rice for dinner. Children have the house in a mess. I need HELP! Can anyone afford a house keeper. Like the one on Brady Bunch. What was her name?
This link is not for the easily offended ;-)("Up the Butt, Bob")
Are yoy HickyMANIA?
This is Otto and Iris, a game I found
This is an interesting link about Hobos
You know what....I have really met some really interesting people since I have been doing this blog thing. It is absolutely amazing how people differ, yet are much the same.

Now my report on the Aretha Franklin concert. What would I rate it on a scale from 1 to 10. Probably 7.5. It was good, but I wanted to hear more of the oldies. She sang a lot of her current Gospel, and I like Gospel, but I wanted oldies. Leroy feels the same. Of course we have the same opinions about most stuff. He's not into computers at all thogh. Which is not all that bad, because he has his own thing. He likes to work on stuff like his truck, things in his shed, etc. Allows me the time to do what I like do!!

Monday, March 26 -- a positive and supportive presence for interracial/intercultural couples/families. Wow! Look what I found! There's even a website to support families like mine. What will the think of next?
Have to take a little break. Working hard today and my brain feels kind of mushy. I'm trying to write a grant that will allow our office to be networked and get a DSL line. This will also allow our clients in the Career Resource Center to have Internet access for assessment, training, and job placement opportunties. Really poor people just don't have the same opportunities as the rest of the population, and in working with the CDC of Tampa, which is a non-profit organization, we can work on bridging that gap.

I'm going to leave work at 3:30 today. I have been here since 7:30 and have worked straight through. I want to go buy me a new dress to wear to the Aretha Franklin concert Leroy and I are going to see tonite. It's Leroy's Birthday. He's 49. I gave him a pretty good birthday present last night too, and I sure couldn't tell he was 49 ;-)!
Welcome to Captain Ed's Cottages - Gulfport, Mississippi This is where we're going on our vacation this year in August ;-)

Sunday, March 25

I love all these buttons and things. Can you tell I am a pack rat by nature?
Welcome to This is a neat site where you can add stuff to your web site or Blog.

This is my Dad and my husband Leroy. The Bobsy Twins. I think Daddy like Leroy better than me sometimes ;-)!
Sunday!!!! The whole neighborhood was outside my house last night. My husband was switching axels on his four wheel drive truck and then my 18 year old daughter came over and had to have something fixed on her car. All the fella's in the neighborhood came out to play ;-)! Wondering why my husband, a black man, has a four wheel drive with big mud tires? Well, for one thing my Daddy calls him a black red neck. I think I'll go get a picture of my Dad and Leroy and put it up here ;-)!

Saturday, March 24

Dogpile. All results, no mess.
Oh, by the way, This is me. A couple of years younger of course ;-)

This picture is on the website of where I work. I am curious now to see if I can link to pictures from other sites?????? Here goes nothing ;-)
I work at the CDC of Tampa, Inc. You can see the things we are doing in Tampa, FL in the ways of economic and community development here!
I guess I can finally go to the grocery shopping!
Well I almost messed that up. For quite a while all I was getting was this code when I tried to edit my blog:
Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80040e14'

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Procedure 'p_SelBlogPerms' expects parameter '@PID', which was not supplied.

/Functions/, line 6

I tried to add a button to a free search engine site. The only way I was able to fix it was to go to blogger and log in that way. Then I was able to edit the template and delete what I put in. WHEW!
By George, I think I've got it!

I had to start somewhere in adding pictures to my blog, and since being informed that allows you to link to your pictures, I have added the picture of Leroy and I on the side. This picture should be Georgie's 3rd grade picture if all goes well. I am not satisfied with the quality of the picture of Leroy and I but I guess it is better than nothing.
Disturbing Search Requests This is the site that got my interested in doing a Blog. Bored at work one day, I looked up my name and found a young man's blog and a link to this site. I went there and started looking at other folks blogs. I emailed some of them for help on starting my own. Now I am learning to write and steal HTML. Just listed my first enty on this site. It is something I've been wanting to do from the first day I started blogging. Doesn't take much to excite me, does it? ;-)
Saturday morning, Leroy is at work as usual. I have made grits for the four younger children allowing Jacob, my fourteen year old to sleep. Have done my banking online using Quicken and now have a minute to write a few words before going grocery shopping. The chickie, whose name is Rusty, finally has a chicken coop to live in. So we don't have to listen to him churping in Georgie's room in the little bird cage he was in. Georgie has already fed him this morning, but I have to go get some hay for his cage and more chicken feed while I am out today. I might as well get rabbit food too, although the rabbit (Clair) much perfers carrots to all else. I wonder if Jake has fed his iguana in the last couple of days. Generally I have to remember for him. That will be our next project----a larger cage for Moe the iguana. Animals cost money and that's a fact, but we enjoy him. That is one of the reasons I fell in love with Leroy---he loves animals and is gentle with them. He's a wonderful man period, although he is a workaholic. It could be worse, I have had a lot worse. So I am blessed with this large rather mixed up family. Now if Destiny would just stop wetting the bed!

Friday, March 23

Thank you Laura!! I added my husband and my picture. I have some editing to do tonight, but it works!!!

Thursday, March 22

I just want to know ONE thing. Why don't people use their turn signals. Are they BRAIN DEAD, or what?!?!
I am working on getting my pictures up on the site, and I appreciate all the help I've gotten. I have posted my site on Yahoo and now I am big time! ;-). If I had more time this would be great. I could spend hours learning HTML and working out the kinks on this Blog, but when you have a large family and work full time, it's hard.

Friday, March 16

At home at last! Bottle of Chardonnay. Jake has folded most of the clothes, and we may even get to go to Hillsborough River State Park tomorrow and walk the nature trails!!!! I like this HTML thing so much I may want to take a class. I could do this for hours and hours. It's almost like when you put formula's in Excel or Lotus, and they have to be just right for them to work. I always loved getting those right. It is such a major feeling of accomplishment when it actually works!

Have had problems with people not being able to see my pictures so I am going to email a link to my Blog to everyone I know and see if I have the problem fixed.

This is my Dad!
A special THANK YOU to Lisa. Who taught me how to put my husband and my picture over to the side there!!!

Leroy and our Grandbaby Destiny at a Boy Scout Family Camp
I have actually mastered putting another counter/stats thingy in and did not destroy my blog. Although I did have to get a new one, since I wasn't smart enough to keep the HTML from my Blog before I changed the Template. I actually think I am starting to understand how HTML works. Now If I can just figure out how to put a picture over there on the left hand side. I have a luncheon today. Fun,Fun, but free food!
All my THANKS to Michael Paige, who solved the mystery of the Archives!!!! You go BOY!
I wonder if I should just give up on the archive thing?
Happy Friday Friends and Foes, I have tried copying the code of someone else's blog where the archives have shown up, putting my info in, then I republished. Now let me see if this will bring my archives back ;-

Thursday, March 15

I tried all the following to make my Archives come back. Do you see them?
ok, if you're still having trouble with your archives, try this:

1. Go into your archive settings and set the Frequency to no archives.

2. Next go back into your archive settings again and this time change the Frequency to the opposite of what it originally was. By opposite, i mean, if it was Weekly, change it to Monthly, if it was Monthly change it to Weekly. Don't republish anything.

3. Now, go into your settings one more time and change the Frequency to your original setting. Then click the republish all button.

Unless there is something wrong with your Template, this should clear up many archive problems.
– michael paige [3/15/2001 6:59 AM]
This was cute.........mine was "Idleness is the holiday of the wise". This is my holiday ;-)
Dump-A-Man Form
Another day at work. I am now drinking 72 ounces of water a day and walking 25 minutes in the morning. Hope to lose some weight ;-)

Wednesday, March 14

My face in the mirror isn't wrinkled or drawn. My house isn't dirty. The cobwebs are gone. My garden looks lovely, and so does my lawn. I think I may never put my glasses back on.

Our six year old---Leighanne (aka, Lee Lee)

Destiny on the computer with Lee Lee standing by. Destiny has had her own software since she was one year old, "Jump Start Baby"
This a link to my buddy Chris's (aka Gadget Boy) Blog who I am a member of. Neat huh? Email Chris at the site. He's a neat young man!

Tuesday, March 6

Georgie and Destiny
Well somehow I lost my pictures and my Archives. I have tryed several times to republish the archives with no results! This is kind of discouraging, but I will just have to work it out!
I did it!!!!!!!! Oh this is GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!
Ok, let's see if the next line of code works ;-).
Thank you so much Suzanne for showing me how to do this!!! Now my husband will never get me off the computer!!! This is so exciting!
I did it! Email me using the link to the side!
You Birthday, What was #1 in music?

I stole this from my favorite blog site by "Luke". This site allows you to put in the day you were born and tells you what the #1 song was that day. Well, mine was "Stuck on You" by Elvis Pressley. What's yours?

Monday, March 5

My AOL | Today's News

This is interesting!!
Check this out..........this is what the Internet has done for me. I have found my sister whom I hadn't seen in 25 years, then I placed a post in a geneology site and found a distant cousin. My Great Uncle's Grand Daughter. Now I just wish the Internet could do something about this dang cat who has killed and eaten 4 of our 5 chicks. The last one he somehow just reached into the chicken wire cage and pulled out through a chicken wire hole. I have no idea how that could have happen!!!

That's disgusting.