Sunday, July 22

Time to cook dinner....

We did make it to church this morning and enjoyed it! Jake sat with me, there is a place for teenagers called "The Rock", but he doesn't feel comfortable there. It's kind of a heavy rock and roll, new-age Christian format. Jake is not into rock and roll, he is more into Rap (yuck) and he likes some of the older R & B I like. Afterwards I took him to get his hair cut and while he was doing that the kids and I went to K Mart for some more school clothes. I am glad the kids aren't required to wear uniforms this year. Uniforms are more expensive and they can't really be worn for anything else. I got jeans and overalls and things for them.

I am making a chuck roast for dinner. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it. I don't have any potatoes. I would REALLY like some mashed potatoes and beef gravy. I may call Leroy (he and the 3 middle kids went somewhere) and ask him to pick some up.

Joy called last night. Now one thing I may have not have stressed here is that the boy that Joy is with is a racist. We came across pages of a journal in Joy's abandoned car and it was filled with the "N" word and swastica's, etc. So when Joy called last night (collect of course), she asked to speak to Destiny, so I was holding the phone up to Destiny's ear and I could hear Joy. Joy asked Destiny did she want to speak to Randy (the boyfriend's name). Now if you look here you will notice that my granddaughter Destiny is bi-racial, i.e., half black (so are 3 of my children). This caught me kind of off guard, but pissed me off immediately, so I got on the phone and said "Why would she want to talk to him, so he could call her a nig**r" and I hung up. I really feel this was probably not the best reaction, but I do not want to subject Destiny to that boy. I just want peace and it seems like I am not going to be able to have it when Joy is a part of our lives. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm open to intelligent input.

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