Wednesday, January 28

Worked my tail off today, but after I practically didn't work at all yesterday, I guess I made up for it.

Church tonight for me and the kids. I don't know where Fat Daddy (Leroy) is. He's always someplace doin' something.

Georgie and I made bologna subs for the kids to eat in the van on the way to church. I have to leave now and start the pick up process.

I'm pooped, as usual.............

Tuesday, January 27

I've got more going on than I do time. Went to work, took Jake with me. He paid his late ticket next door to where I work. Then, I had to take him to the Doc. He had told me about a month ago he had stuck something in his toe, but then I heard no more about it. He went for a Marine Pool function Saturday and said his foot was hurting. It was swollen and kind of red, so I made an acute apointment for him and took him in.

Come to find out he has Cellulitis (inner infection) and he is now on pain pills and antibiotics.

I got SOME work done here at home, but that pretty much shot the day. I am making spagetti (how is that really spelled) and then I have to go pick up the little girls from daycare and Jamila from the Academy. Leroy is picking up George. He joined soccer and has to be picked up daily now too.

It never ends.......

Saturday, January 24

Well, I went to a funeral yesterday for a lady who was a good friend of mine. Her name was Ms. Dixie and she managed a Laundry. She was in her 60s, and spunky as all get out. She died of cancer and smoked til the end.

See you later, Miss Dixie.
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Friday, January 16

Work has been extremely busy, with complications every step of the way. My job is easy in a way. I recruit employed people with children under 18, who are under 200% of the poverty level, to get training to be able to move up in their current position or to get a better one. BUT we are alway running into bottle necks. Now it's the school we are using, and we can only use one. GEEZ!!!!

I am in school today though. Had to take a V Day. I finally graduate with my BS in April, Praise God!

I have finally quite drinking again, which would have killed me sooner had I not stopped. I have to work on the cigarettes AGAIN now, and get back to working out!!!

The house is a mess, thank God for three day weekends!

Sunday, January 11

I wrote the following poem for my Creative Writing for Social Change class. It is called "I Got This". It's about a young man who dropped out of school and was partying and selling drugs. His mother had told him that he was just like his "no good" Daddy in the Penitentary and that he could never trust white people.

He goes to jail and meet a white police officer that see potential in him and wants to help him get his education. He finally relents and says that when he gets his education, he will come back and help his friends. That the world he was going to was strange to him, but only for now.

I hope you like it and will email me and let me know what you think.
I can handle it, I’m almost grown
I’m young and fine and can hold my own

Party, Krunk, DJ Sporty
Live fast, Die young, never forty

Prepare for the future, when I see none there
Sling that thing like I just don’t care

Jailhouse house rock, not my fault
Granny says not worth my salt

No fear, no way, no how, I’m da' Bone
No money, no Dawgs, no shorties, I’m alone

White police don’t like black jits
He say, “Help you?” I say “Shit”

Why me, white boy? Not my Pops
All he saw was yo’ prison locks

See potential? Clean your glass
I don’t need yo’ cracker ass

Burn, burn, with all the hate
Moma told me, y’all too late

“Don’t trust no white man in this town;
They only there to get you down”

How you know ‘bout my crew ain’t tight
And who is you to say I ain’t raised right

Good in school? Sho’ I got game
Tho’ slinging “caine is my claim to fame

Tired now, you cramping my style
Go on now, let me thank a while

I can’t do what the white man say
Go to school and make my way

That was not my Daddy’s game
And Moma tells me, I’m just the same

Don’t I look like my old boy?
Flicking chicks like I enjoy

Baby’s daddy, that’s not me
Will never see the penitentiary

Okay, white man, give it a spin
Let’s see what you can get me in

If I get get it, know what I’ll do?
I’ll come right back and use it too

So my Dawgs can see a flick of light
In the world we live it’s always night

I’d be the first in a long, long line
To make a move, to take the time

To trust the folks, to let it down
To show my Granny, to show this town

I can do it, I got game
Make the move, not stay the same
Live a life that may be strange

For Now

Jamie Jackson