Monday, July 23


Well, after arranging childcare for my 4 younger children and getting all mentally prepared, they rescheduled the freakin' biopsy for Thursday. I'm am so pissed. Luckily I don't have any important things scheduled for Thursday. They had had problems with the authorization from the insurance.

I had been trying to call Leroy, his phone was off. So when I left here I tried to call him at home, figuring he might have been home because of the rain. No answer. So he finally calls me back when I was leaving the hospital and he had known about the rescheduling for approx. a half hour. Had he called and let me know it would have saved me the trip to the hospital (in the freakin' rain and heavy traffic) for the blood work that didn't happen, plus the lady at the daycare was going to take Destiny home with her and I barely caught her before she left. Yet....I MAKE SURE TO LET HIM KNOW EVERY LITTLE THING, and if my phone was off (which it is now) he would throw a tissy fit because he has to know where I am every minute........................................mmmmmmmmm I think I better leave this alone for a while.

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