Saturday, December 16

I make the best Sweet Potatoe Pie, in the world!

Making a meat loaf, corn, mash potatoes and biscuits for dinner. You can have a plate..........

I like this new Internet Exporer 7.0............It lets you have a homepage with more than on page on it. Now I might blog more becaue the page will be open.

Jamila is now sitting in a chair in the dining room where I am. She is getting a snappy little, roll your eyes, attitude. I have to put her in check NOW. It is 2:30 p.m. I only gave her 15 minutes sitting in a chair where we can see each other and it took her 20 minutes before she settled down long enough for "time out" to be started.

Listen..............I would prefer to kick her ass and get it over with. This takes too many parentying skills for me

Friday, December 15

Been going to pain management. Have disc and bone problems. Getting PT and steriod shots. The one yesterday seemed to work. My neck doesn't hurt like it used to.

Trying to get something together for these kid for Christmas. Would be better if I had a job. Did I tell you about the good job that couldn't hire me because of my old police record from 20 years agon?