Monday, July 23

Easy Does It

Leroy and I didn't mention our quarrel when I got home. We do that sometimes if it could cause problems, and it is not relavent enough to persue.

Jake is in Jacksonville now. Lee Lee (age 6) cried at dinner time because she missed him. I made angel hair pasta for dinner, steak strips, and cucumbers with tomatoe/bacon dressing. It sucked. The kids don't like a lot of stuff in their sauce so I made the can stuff plain.

When I first was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, my blood tests looked bad. I went to my old church, Mountain Top. I hadn't been for a while and all the rows were taken up except for the first one (we take a whole row), so we sit up front. At the end Bishop Jones was praying for people and I was trying to slip out, but he stopped me. No one at the church knew about the problem, but Bishop said he knew I was worried about my health. That kind of freaked me out. Then he threw his hands up and told me to hug him around his waist. I did, fast too, still a little freaked out. He put his arms around me and quickly took them away and blew out.....he told me I was healed. I must admit I felt pretty good about that and pretty much went for it. As time past I had my doubts, wanted more and more tests. The disease still showed up, but the tests didn't look bad. Now the new Liver Dr. called me tonight and told me it looks like my body has all but fought it totally off. He says my blood tests I took when I first saw him look perfect. I am still scheduled for the biopsy, but I have a feeling my liver is perfect too. Now I was first diagnosed with Hepatitis when I was 16 years old and was using needles and drugs. Back then they called it Serum Hepatitis. So this disease has been sitting in my body 25 years. I was an extremely heavy drinker as a teenager and in my 20s, I slowed down to about 6-18 beers a day during my 30s and in the past couple of years I would only drink a bottle of wine a day (and maybe a couple of beers), plus a half pint of brandy daily on the weekends. By all rights my liver and this disease should be killing me right about now. But I believe in miracles and this is just one more time God has shown me He is there. Here is another example:

Dec. 5, 1994 I have birth to a child when I was 5 1/2 months pregnant, 22 weeks. She weighed 1 pound 3 ounces, was nine inches long and her skin although dark was transparent. You could see the organs inside her body. She was covered with hair. At one point she got down to 429 grams which is right at 15 ounces, she had multiple seizures and severe brain bleeding and damage. The doctors told me she had less than a 5% chance to live. I developed chicken pox when she was 2 days old and because I had been in the ICU they had to separate her from the other kids and vaccinate all the little sick babies. Since I could not go see her because of my chicken pox, I spent my time calling churches from the phone book and requesting prayer.............I'm talking about my little Lee Lee......she will be in First Grade this year.

So I have no problem believing in miracles. Things we take for bad things do happen but God uses everything for good to those who love Him. We (humans) just can't always see the big picture.

My sermon for the day ;-)

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