Thursday, August 30

You know I have had this blog longer than most 0eople even knweew what a blogwas.  In here you will find a link to a newspaper article where they got in took with me and another girl.  Back then we did our own back grounds and tons of stuff, it was so fun.  I like the things here now too.

BTW.  Now...............Joy lives in Oreon with Randy Banks.  They have my grandson Randy Banks Jr.  The there is Jake, my blue eyed blonde, marine STAR.  He should be out in two more years.  More about the family later...................................

Jamie Jackson

Jamie Jackson

I am trying to keep everything organized and that is not working.  SAD ain't I?   LOLOL

Friday, June 29

I may need help soon.

One thing that never changes is that my life is always crxy.  But I never though things would happen like this with Jake in Prison, and Georgein the trouble he's in because of me.  It is my fault.  My GUALT is enormus.  I feel like  I amd dying everytime I think about it and George brngs it up and blames me for it almost every day.  Leroy helps with the suffering around here.  I don''t know what's up but I am glad I have the girls.  With George messing with me about guilt so much that I can't even stand to talk to her.  One day my guilt is going to kill me.  I hope I cam bring so joy into the world in the mean time.

Tuesday, February 28

I wonder if anybody is still here from so long ago! I'm here. Let me know if anyone I knew back on here is still here!

Lots of things are different with my world? How about your?