Sunday, July 29


I must post what's for dinner for my friend KindlyRat, a link to whose page you will find at the bottom left, and if he starts calling me Grandpa, he's going to get it! Anyway........we're having hot wings, turnip greens, cornbread, mashed potatoes and salad. I had a chef teach me the secret to hot wing sauce. Know what it is, half margarine and half hotsauce. K.I.S.S. Also it is important you cook the wings nekkid, i.e., no spice at all......and that is the secret. Georgie made the cornbread again, we use Jiffy Mix and add maple syrup, so it is sweet. I add lemon pepper to the greens and I really wanted mashed potatoes for days although it doesn't really go with the meal.

Uh oh, have to get the last batch of wings out..........

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