Saturday, November 25

And life goes on...........

No one ever reads this anymore, so I can probably write stuff here I don't want anyone to know. Kewl, huh?

I am still not working. I think I will be more than ready soon though. They found ulcers and kidney stones and I have meds for the former, so that is some the pain I don't have to go through. I am waiting results from a stomach biopsy and blood tests.

I go to a pain doc Tuesday on the advice of my Gastro Doc. Hopefully, I can get on some kind of regime that will allow me to get back to normal. I don't tell a lot of folks, but I hurt most of the time. My joints, but mainly my neck and back. Makes it hard to get up in the morning or to do anything around the house etc. I'm working NOW, finally, on getting things back together. I had gotten resigned to the fact that my primary doc was not going to help, but since all my new found diagnosis, I think I can get back to normal with the right treatments.

I found my daughter whom I had allowed to be adopted. All these years I have not been allowed to contact her and now she thinks that I chose other things over her. I wish I could tell her the real reasons, but she is not really ready for that and it would be mean me undermining her current mother. I find that hard to do, no matter how justified.

I think I might hang out her more now :-).