Thursday, September 25

I bought a wok.
.........this house is in a lot better shape! I'm starting to get stuff organized now. I had to redo my files and create files for resume, reference, etc stuff, and then a separate file for all the unemployment print out stuff. I don't really have a lot of space to do a lot of things I would like to do here.

Did I tell you, I've always wanted to buy stuff and sell at the flea market and ebay. It's kind of a weird hobby I would like to have and be able to make cash money. I may even put an ad in the community paper and do resumes. I've purchased stuff for the kids to be able to put their towels back in the bathroom on their own hook and everything. The only thing is I need to pain some rooms.

Wednesday, September 17

Well, I wrecked the van. Lee Lee busted her nose. She had the seat belt on, but it was too loose! State Farm called me first thing this morning, then they had Enterprise call me and I have a rental car for 5 bucks a day. One good thing is that I pay 400 dollars a month for car and life insurance on the kids and that is a lot, but I guess I'm getting my money's worth out of it.

I'm surprised they are not totaling the van. It's messed up.

I am suppose to volunteer at Jamila's school today. I guess I could get out of it, but I may as well do my duty.

Monday, September 15

I am trying to get this house clean. I've been working on it for days, but man it sure had been neglected!!! I just got back from Walmart buying cleaning supplies and the veggies to make a stew for dinner. I have to put the spegehtii from last night into freezer bags too!

Lee Lee to the Doc today as well! This is kind of fun, you know????

Friday, September 12

Well, things have changed quite a bit. Monday they eliminated my postion at the CDC at so I am officially unemployed.

I didn't want to be there anymore and that's a fact, but I have had so MUCH stress lately that I weirded out for a couple of days. So much so that my husband had the ladies at the church come pray with me. I am sure glad they did too!! I also went to the Doc who changed my meds. She said I was having Panic Attacks. Once I found out what was wrong I almost felt better immediately. She also changed my Paxil to Paxil CR 50 mg. That is the time released kind. The she gave me so stuff to take at night.

I won't say anything else about the CDC because at least the way they let me go was decent enough.

I have filed for unemployment and got the letter about it today.

I made Lasagna tonight and am going to make a salad. You hungry?

Thursday, September 4

I have an interview tomorrow morning with Remedy Staffing. I have also been contacted by Ranstad staffing for a position.

I am tickled pink! Everyday now at the CDC where I work, they do things to make me feel "less than". Eight years of my life I gave that organization and now this. I didn't post here the problems I have had there, but suffice to say, I let them know that I thought their focus was more on the money than the community. That would be fine if they were a for profit organization, but they represent theirselves to be members of a community that I don't think they truly relate to.

Did I tell you I got written up for giving a client a bowl of rice and beans?
"Walking on Water

A rabbi, priest, and a minister are out fishing in a boat on a big lake when the priest realizes that he has to go to the bathroom. Not wanting to disturb the fishing of the others in the boat by having them take him to shore, he gets out of the boat and walks across the water to do his business and then returns to the boat.

A little while later the minister has to go also and he does the same. He walks across the water, does his business and returns across the water to the boat.

Finally the rabbi feels the urge to go to the bathroom too, so he climbs out of the boat. But instead of walking across the water, he falls into the water and starts to wildly splash around. The priest and the minister finally drag the rabbi back into the boat and the priest turns to the minister and says, 'Maybe we should have told him where the rocks were.'"

Wednesday, September 3

Oh, most folks know but I am a convicted felon (14 years ago). I am working on a Pardon (Executive Clemency). Wanna write me a letter of recommendation?
I just CAN"T go pick up Lee Lee and have her do her homework in the office with me for very much longer. This stress is getting past the point of reason.

Now, the other kids have gone to church and Lee Lee and I are here at home. She has to do her homework. It is already 6:30 p.m. in Sunny Florida folks! We have at least 4 hours worth of work and you know we can't do it.

My house is filthy!! I think I'm losing it. I started smoking again of all things.

At least things are cool with the other 4 kids. Pray for us, here?

Tuesday, September 2

Leighanne has always been distracted easily. I guess I have always known she was ADHD, but I didn't want to have her labeled. I was dead set against meds. She didn't learn anything in first grade but they passed her anyway because they were afraid she would fail 2nd grade too and she turns 9 in December. So she went to 2nd grade knowing nothing and failed 2nd because she had no foundation to build on.

I managed to get her a MacKay scholarship and Praise God for whoever this MacKay is, because now at least she is in private school. She does not do her work in class though and she has at least 4 hours worth of homework a day because of this.

I finally have asked the Doc for the Connor test so she can be diagnosed and put on meds to help her focus more in class. I bring her to work for two hours with me after school and I just can't tutor her for two hours every day at my job and then go home and do it for another 2 hours.

I decided not to try to graduate with my BS in December. I will do all my work this semester and then dual enroll in my last few credits undergrad and do a couple of Masters classes.

My stress level is pretty high right now.