Friday, July 20


Thursday evening I was at a VIP Reception hanging out with a fella' who (I hope) will be Tampa's next Mayor. He's a great guy. Today I will be making a presentation on "Volunteerism" at the National Conference on Urban Policy. Then I will be meeting with the Director for Hillsborough House of Hope. Sounds important, huh? NOT! Other than talking with my buddy who may be mayor (I really respect and like him), this is just more stuff that goes with the job. Oh, and the Director of Hillsborough House of Hope has been my friend and mentor for years. I have yet to have told her what happened May 24th, so this is my confession day.

Lastly today, I will be taking the boys (Jake 15 and Georgie 9) to the Doctor for their annual physical. I will also get them TB tests and have them tested for Hepatitis C. The girls were clear on both of these, by the way.

Leroy was mad at me this morning ;-). He put his leg across me and I pushed it down some. It was almost on my belly and I had to go potty and it was pushing it. He put it back up there and I pushed it down harder. Apparently, (but I don't remember this) I must have accidentally hit him in his mouth. So, he got up and was mad. He is so silly.

I want to go to church tonight. Crosstown Community Church. They have this rock band thing (although I am NOT a rock fan) at the beginning of the service. The Pastor seems pretty cool.....comes out and sits on a tall stool and teaches. It's a big church. Their website is not done yet though.

Saturday, I would like to go back to the beach. Jake is leaving for Jacksonville, FL Monday to visit his "Big Brother" Brian. Jake is so blessed to have Brian. He was Jacob's Big Brother from the Big Brother and Big Sister program when Jake was 7 years old. They have continued to be friends all these years. Brian is now a Dr. (he was in college when we met him), he has gotten married and had a beautiful baby. Such a positive role model. Anyway.........Brian and Stacy (his wife) are sending for Jake to spend a week with them. I'm sure he will have fun, but Jake has had a pretty good summer in general and, of course, when he gets back from there, we will be going to Mississippi. I'm pretty proud of Jake. He is pretty responsible........has lots of chores and follows through, although he usually has to be reminded frequently ;-). He doesn't smoke or use drugs, his main problem is a constant precoccupation with girls (and probably sex). He could do lots better in school too. All in all though, I am blessed to have such a helpful son. I am proud of Jacob.

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