Friday, October 22

Well they found my van. There was very little damage. The lock was only popped out, no need for broken windows, it was open. There was a brick inside it that they were going to use, I guess. They took out all the inside lights, but we were able to get them back in. We are blessed.

Monday, October 18

I have had a horrible day that ended up with me getting my van stolen.

Thursday, October 7

Google Search: I'm tired

Did I tell you that I have quit smoking yet again. Oh I probably didn't tell anyone that could see me that I had even started again.

I am attempting to start working out again and have done fair so far. Thirty minutes on the epiliptical two days ago. Just have NOT found time but that once this week.

ANNNNDDDD, I am SO tired!

Monday, October 4

Well, Jake graduated from bootcamp. He did very well. He was home for 10 days leave and then he worked 14 days with the Marine recruiter here. He spend 90% of his time with his fiance Jessica. I have mixed feelings about that.

They want to get married January 29th before he goes in Iraq. I have mixed feelings about that too. At LEAST he is trying to do things the RIGHT way and I have to give him credit for that. I pray he doesn't get anymore tattoos though .

Things are really goint so well here. God has truly blessed us. NOW if I could just get all these clothes folded!!!!!!!!!!!!!1