Saturday, March 20

I'm not going to keep my web page this year. I cost me like 120 a year and I don't even work on it any more.

The kids are AGAIN running me crazy. Leroy is AGAIN gone somewhere. Man............I could bitch again.

Tuesday, March 16

Ten pages yesterday, breakfast for dinner tonight.........................
I did 10 pages out of 15 and started another paper.

I made breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, sausage, biscuits! The kids missed the grits.

Monday, March 15

I stayed home from work today. My stomach was bothering me, but it was probably bothering me because I had a ton of school work to do.

I did 10 pages on a 15 page paper and a couple of pages on another paper. It will all be over soon...............

Friday, March 12

This is worth a look see!
I just read this thing. I haven't for a while. You know, all I do here anymore is complain. Hmmmmm......
TGIF for real. You know, my job is a trip. They should call it the NutHouse. I'm scared to say too much online, but believe me when I tell you...........Work Force Development is a weird occupation. Plus, what do you do with an unemployed person who is an expert on Welfare Reform. Kind of limiting, isn't it.

I won't talk about all the papers that I have to do to graduate Springfeild College next month. It is just totally crazy around this house, at work, and everywhere else. Who ever told me I could work full time, go to school full time, and raise 5 children?

Would someone please donate me a vacation in celebration of my getting my Bachelor's degree after 10 years of on, off, part time, full time school?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, March 8

I am so tired most of the time. I have way too much to do ALL the time. Saturday was terrible, but Sunday was better.

The kids' activities seem to over ride mine and Heaven Help Us if Leroy has to work a Saturday or has something else to do.

My home is suffering. My work is okay, my school, is okay, but this house is BAD!! I just can't do everything for everybody all the time.