Friday, December 31

Daniel & Dana List, Missionaries
I have the weirdest personality. It's like I get obsessed with things. I spend hours sometimes finding people on the Internet. Actually I have done a pretty good job in finding folks.

I used the Internet to find: My sister, Paula, after 25 years, One second cousin through my grandfather and another second cousin through my grandmother. Several childhood friends, etc.

I have other folks I have not found, and those that I found that I didn't need to.

Lately, though, I have been spending tons of time in research. Very successful if you want to count the info I got. But I realized that a lot of things are best left alone.

I actually feel guilty now and I realize that any contact is not substitute for the type of cantact I am seeking.

If you understand that, you are better than me. I can't understand why I do the things I do myself most of the time. Can you?
I got a unsolicited IM this morning. They said this:

): Allah humma salai ala Mohammadin wala alie Mohammadin kama salaita ala Ibraheema wala alai ibraheema ina ka hameedum majeed.Allah huma barik ala Mohammadin wala alai Mohammadin kama barakta ala ibraheema wala alai ibraheema ina ka hameedumajeed

Can anyone tell me what that means?

Thursday, December 30 - Emmanuel Baptist Church, Thonotosassa, FL

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The life and times of Jamie Jackson, varied: "

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Wednesday, December 29

Sunday, December 26 - Emmanuel Baptist Church, Thonotosassa, FL
I am too through with Christmas. It was great. We had a wonderful day and it was even fun all month being in the Holiday Spirit, but I am "over it".

I wanted the tree down today, but we were cleaning the bedrooms after church.

Leroy bought the kids one of the motorcycle scooter things. He got a bonus from work, and bought the thing before I knew about it. They love it, he loves out doing me :). I had to plan for three months to do this Christmas without credit and then, my husband......................And no helmets purchased!

Thursday, December 23

Your Christmas Card
Your Christmas Card
Your Christmas Card
Great News!! Jake is home for Christmas. I had a feeling he was going to try to suprise me and he did.

Of course he is really not "home" for Christmas, although he will probably be here that day. He is spending all his time with his Fiance Jessica. She's a good girl and I hope they can make it through the initial engagement time, so that they will have a strong marraige.

Jake never acted like he was listening to me as he grew up, but he obviously was. You never can tell about which way your children will go. It never ceases to amaze me.

I am looking forward to seeing my Dad on Christmas. I seems like it has been a long time. We all get caught up in our own lives and forget that there are others we effect.

Merry Christmas to all. Peace............

Friday, November 19

Jake is going to Washington DC. He WILL be in Athinon (probably spelled wrong). It may be called Honor Guard too, but I am not sure.

I got an email from Joy today. It was really nice to hear from her. She won't tell me her address and I am truly concerned that there will be an emergency and no one will be able to contact her. I really wonder what is up with that.

Did I tell you I go to the nut doc now. I'm not as mean as I used to be.

You know God REALLY does answer prayer.

Friday, November 12

I believe that I told you that Leroy had spent 25 years of his life in prison, and was on parole til the year 2042. Anway, we went before the parole board in Tallahassee Wednesday, and they terminated the rest of his parole!!!! It's a miracle and by the Grace of God. Leroy and I both broke down in huge sobs right in front of everyone. I have never seen my husband like that before. It was wonderful. Thank the Lord!!

Tuesday, November 2

Well............I voted. It took me 3 hours yesterday in the Library, but I did it.

I took me a lot longer than that to even choose to vote at all, I was so confused. I finally had to do some real soul searching. I can't vote for someone just based on whether or not Jake would have to go to Iraq.

I have to think of the overall good of our country.

Friday, October 22

Well they found my van. There was very little damage. The lock was only popped out, no need for broken windows, it was open. There was a brick inside it that they were going to use, I guess. They took out all the inside lights, but we were able to get them back in. We are blessed.

Monday, October 18

I have had a horrible day that ended up with me getting my van stolen.

Thursday, October 7

Google Search: I'm tired

Did I tell you that I have quit smoking yet again. Oh I probably didn't tell anyone that could see me that I had even started again.

I am attempting to start working out again and have done fair so far. Thirty minutes on the epiliptical two days ago. Just have NOT found time but that once this week.

ANNNNDDDD, I am SO tired!

Monday, October 4

Well, Jake graduated from bootcamp. He did very well. He was home for 10 days leave and then he worked 14 days with the Marine recruiter here. He spend 90% of his time with his fiance Jessica. I have mixed feelings about that.

They want to get married January 29th before he goes in Iraq. I have mixed feelings about that too. At LEAST he is trying to do things the RIGHT way and I have to give him credit for that. I pray he doesn't get anymore tattoos though .

Things are really goint so well here. God has truly blessed us. NOW if I could just get all these clothes folded!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Wednesday, September 1

They have moved Jake's graduation up a day due to Hurricane Frances.

I'll bet Jake is glad!! We are too really. Now we get to spend one more day having fun before coming home. We don't have too much money, but we have enough and Jake will have some too!!

I am so glad to be able to see my son again! It will probably be the last family trip we will go on for a long time, if ever, again. Jake did say that he won't be going to Iraq though, Praise God!!! He was interviewed for those guys that march all the time, etc. I will write back when I figure out what it is.

We leave tonight for the graduation 13 hundred hours tomorrow. Tomorrow my son will be a United States Marine. Hmmmmmm...............I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, August 27

The Many Faces of Joy
Philip B. Kunhardt Jr.

Joy is contagious.It can spread like a forest fire,Whipped by a high, hot wind.
Joy can be shared in a crowd.Or it can be savored all alone.Joy can bellow.
Or it can fall soft as a kitten's tread.Joy can excite.Or it can comfort.
Joy can be sensuous.Or it can spring from the intellect.
Joy can bewitch. Joy can be sweet.Or it can be zesty, euphoric, giddy.
It can teach. It can heal.It can lay to rest old pain.
In a world so darkened by suffering and uncertainty, joy can brighten our heavens and make life worth living all over again.

Saturday, August 14

Up until after 11 a.m. yesterday, all the storm trackers had Hurricane Charley coming directly for Tampa turned and hit farther south. I guess you could say that was a good thing, but it just destroyed stuff for people that were actually LESS prepared. Although we have all learned to stay prepared.

We have severe thunderstorms now as I type, but those are normal here.

I am supposed to start me new "side job" today, parking cars in Ybor. I know that may seem a little out of character for me, but I just want to make some extra money doing something where I don't have to analyze, coordinate, or 'think' really.

Hurricane Charley just passed through where Jake is but it is down to a Category 1. That's not too bad, but I hope he is not out in it.

Friday, August 13

Well Hurricane Charli is going to kick our butt. Pray for us, but don't expect a play by play from me. I have to get prepared and then the electricity will probably go out. Just pray for us, k?
A Baby's Prayer Keep me dry and keep me warm and oh how much I need you, Mom!Keep me clean and keep me fed and oh is that you, Dad?Listen to my cries, rock me and sing me lullabies.Give me kisses when I smile, but when I'm hurt or blue, addgentle hugs, too.Listen when I coo, cause I'm saying I love you and when I smile, it's to make it all worth while.There is so much to explore, so keep me safe and secure and be patient with my busy hands, talk to me with words I'll understand.Talk to me a lot so I'll be smart and keep me close to your heart.Sounds like so much to do, but I won't be little forvery long and before you know it, lullabies will bebye-gones.

Wednesday, August 11

I'm tired!

Last couple of days I have been exhausted when I get home. I guess stuff is catching up with me. I never put it on here, but I did the credit counseling thing a while back. Where they take all your cards and unsecured debt and consulidate it to where you only have to pay a lump some every month, live with in your means, and in 4 years you are debt free. I don't know about you but this sounded like a good deal to me. We lost money when Jake left. I had been receiving SSA for Jake because his dad was killed. I no longer have that income and Leroy had really enjoyed his cards, Master, Home Depot and Lowes. Need I say more.

The student loans will come next. DID I BOTHER TO SAY ON THIS BLOG THAT I GOT MY COLLEGE DEGREE???? A Bachelors, Cum Laude, I could have done better..............

So I have a lovely piece of paper now, and an $18.000 bill to pay eventually, and am 44 years old. Well, at least the loan will die if I do and not haunt my family.

Now, with only 4 kids at home and no more school, PLUS we have to live within our means, I have decided to get a part time job...............and I did. Parking cars in Ybor City, which is Tampa's version of Bourbon St. It is 10 hours a week, which is perfect, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights only until the Forum gets back up and having sporting events, hockey games, etc. Then maybe more hours. I want to be able to PAY for Christmas. I thought I would even start lay-away now and K-Mart and WalMart. Leroy is already working six days a week now, so I have to catch up a little. He doesn't really like the idea, but it's plain that we need to do SOMETHING.

It is almost time for Jake to graduate from Boot Camp. I have written him probably 3 or 4 times a week since he has been gone. We will be going to SC EARLY the morning of the 2nd and getting back the 4th. That gives us two nights in hotels, so that should be fun for us, the kids, and of course Jake. He will actually be a Marine. Maybe even a MAN. That is so weird.........

Thursday, August 5

First Day of School

Well, this is it! The first day of school. I woke everyone up a little after five. They got dressed and had some cereal. I wanted them to have something in case it was too hectic to eat at school. Georgie leaves for the bus at 6. He has a TON of kids to walk to the bus stop with, that's a good thing! I left at 6:30 to take Jamila and drop her off. She got there about 6:50. Then, I went BACK by the house where Lee Lee and Destiny's school is. I had not met their teachers because I was at George's open house when they had theirs. Leroy took them to theirs. BUUUUTTTT, I was able to met their teachers and I even had breakfast with them at the school. They ate some more cereal, and I had a bagel pizza and a banana. It worked out well.

I did feel weird without Jake starting to school. It seems hard to believe that he has graduated and is gone. I have been getting letters from him. He failed his first rifle range test and he took another one Monday. I have not heard anything since then, but Brother Bradley prayed for the shooting test itself in church Sunday, so I am sure it went well. I have not made the correct plans to get to and stay the night at Jake's graduation at Parris Island! I have to do something soon!!!!

Wednesday, July 28

I am so sick of these kids not doing what I tell them to do.  They always say "I forgot".  So this morning I wrote a list of what I wanted each child to do BEFORE they left the house for the rec center and daycare.  How much do you think was done?

Bump this stuff...........

Tuesday, July 20

It is raining again today.  I like the rain, but the only problem is that Leroy can’t work a whole day.  We truly don’t need any short checks around here either.

 It is time to buy school clothes for the girls.  Luckily Jamila still has a lot of her uniforms from last year, but I do need to get a couple of school logo shirts at 14 bucks a pop, and a couple of skirts.  Georgie needs black shoes, and Lee Lee and Destiny need a few things.

I really have to go through all the rooms, AGAIN, to purge all the clothes that are not suitable and/or too small.  They have lots of clothes, but they are play clothes.
When I got home yesterday, Leroy had been home most of the day.  He used it to relax though and he really needs to do that, so I didn’t care.  I do hope he gets some things done if he goes home today.  He probably will too, with it raining so badly.

I moved to a different space (cubicle) in a different section of the building last week and I like my new spot.  It was recently painted in shades of tan and brownish and I find the colors very soothing.  Everyone says my space looks like a living room, but I like to be comfortable and I enjoy my plants and “stuff”.

The dogs have been staying in the shed since the rain has been so bad, and Leroy is upset because now his shed smells like dog.  He needs to clean it out anyway, you can’t even walk in there.

George and Lee Lee are staying home today because Lee Lee did something to her toe and it is all swollen up.  It is better to stay off of it for a day or two.

Well I better get to work!

Sunday, July 18

A rainy Sunday thing Florida does not lack is rain in the summer time.  Sometimes I think that the whole state is one big over-developed swamp.  I love it here though, even with all the humidity.  Even though the air seems too thick to breath sometimes.
We did have a drought a couple of years ago though.  There was NO significant rain for two years.  Now THAT was NOT a good thing!  We need our rain because of the intense heat.
I got a decent letter from Jake yesterday AND he wrote his brother George.  He got all the stuff we sent apparently.  He had strep throat at one point and he said his temp was up to 104.  All my kids have always gotten really high temps like that, but he is kind of old to be getting up that high.
I haven't heard from Joy lately, since she was posting on the photo page.  I don't know what's up with that.
Jamila has been going to the camp that is held at THE BEST prep school in Tampa.  Did I tell you she and 3 other girls from her school got a scholorship to go there !!!  We would never be able to afford something like that and it is a true blessing that she was chosen and is able to attend.
My van broke down.  I don't know what is wrong with it.  Leroy said it was something to do with the fuel.  I think he put a fuel filter in yesterday, but I don't keep up with all that stuff.
I have to go get groceries!!

Thursday, July 15


A Sunday school teacher asked the children just before she dismissed them to go to church, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?"

Annie replied, "Because people are sleeping."

Wednesday, July 14

My Never Again List

Never again will I confess "I can't" for "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13

Never again will I confess lack, for "my God shall supply all of my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

Never again will I confess fear, for "God hath not given me the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." II Timothy 1:7

Never again will I confess doubt and lack of faith, for "God hath given to every man the measure of faith." Romans 12:3

Never again will I confess weakness for "The Lord is the strength of my life." Psalm 27:1

Never again will I confess defeat, for "God always causeth me to triumph in Christ Jesus." II Corinthians 2:14

Never again will I confess lack of wisdom, for "christ Jesus is made unto me wisdom from God." I Corinthians 1:30

Never again will I confess worries and frustrations, for I am "casting all my cares upon Him who careth for me." I Peter 5;7

Never againwill I confess condemnation, for "There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus." Romans 8:1

Monday, July 12 in the big city!

Great weekend for us folks! I got Jake's package of stuff off finally. He had asked me to send him some Power Bars and powdered Gator Aide. I had bought them along with his birthday cards BEFORE his birthday on July 5, but just got everything off last Saturday.

I also mailed all the kiddie pictures out to the relatives here and there, but forgot my sister, Paula, and have to go back and make her package up.

Jamila started camp, at the number one Prep school in Tampa, today. She was chosen with 3 other girls out of her school to attend on scholarship. It really is a big deal, and we are very grateful that Jamila can be exposed to that environment.

George with to Wet N Wild with the Parks Dept. Saturday. I have to find a good field trip for Lee Lee to go on that I can afford. Our money is a lot less than it used to be, so we really can't do things the way we have before.

All else is well. I am working on getting everything totally organized at home and work. That is my BIG goal. I also want to finish painting the house. I had started that when I was off work. I still have the paint and stuff.

I would like to do the laundry room in the evening sometime this week. I have borders and all................hope I have the energy!!!

The Cookie Thief:

The woman arrived

At an airport one night

With several long hours

Before her flight.

She hunted for a book

In the airport shop,

Bought a bag of cookies

And found a place to drop.

She was engrossed in her book

But happened to see,

That the man sitting beside her,

As bold as could be,

Grabbed a cookie or two

>From the bag in between,

Which she tried to ignore

To avoid a scene.

So she munched the cookies

And watched the clock,

As the gutsy cookie thief

Diminished her stock.

She was getting more irritated

As the minutes ticked by,

Thinking, "If I wasn't so nice,

I would blacken his eye."

With each cookie she took,

He took one too,

When only one was left,

She wondered what he would do.

With a smile on his face,

And a nervous laugh,

He took the last cookie

And broke it in half.

He offered her half,

As he ate the other,

She snatched it from him

And thought... ooh, brother!

This guy has some nerve

And he's also rude,

Why he didn't even show

Any gratitude!

She had never known

When she had been so galled,

And sighed with relief

When her flight was called.

She gathered her belongings

And headed to the gate,

Refusing to look back

At the thieving ingrate.

She boarded the plane,

And sank in her seat,

Then she sought her book,

Which was almost complete.

As she reached in her baggage,

She gasped with surprise,

There was her bag of cookies,

In front of her eyes.

If mine are here,

She moaned in despair,

The others were his,

And he tried to share.

Too late to apologize,

She realized with grief,

That she was the rude one,

The ingrate, the thief!

How many times have we absolutely known that something was a certain way,

only to discover later that what we believed to be true...was not?

"Keep An Open Mind And An Open Heart, Because...... You Just Never

Know..." Ya might be eating someone else's cookies

Friday, July 9

Finally got a decent letter from Jake. He seems a lot more emotional than he was before. I guess that comes with the breaking down and the building up process that the Marines use to train the soldiers.

I have been pretty upset about the whole thing myself since his 18th birthday Monday. He is just a baby and they gave him an M16. I have been doing a LOT of investigation about Iraq since the day he may go there gets closer and closer.

I have met another Mother there. Her name is Faiza. She is Shia. I know now that there are two major regilious bodies there. They are Sunni and Shia. I have heard they are very different. I don't really know details though.

I have been fighting boughts of depression. Today is a brigher day, thank God!!!!

Wednesday, July 7

Okay, I think I have the comments thingy working..................
I don't know if this comment thing is going to work or not!
Leroy had his truck up on a jack with the jack handle hanging out from under it. That night, I tripped over it and hit my head on the brick planter Leroy made around the mailbox.

Sunday, July 4

Destiny cut her hair!!! What a nightmare. She cut the front and the back. I ended up having to finish cutting it. It's short but it's cute. She would be cute if she was bald though.

Daddy threw a fit of course. The only person that was calm was Destiny.

Saturday, July 3

What a week! The days have just flown by since the company picnic last Saturday. This house is a disaster, although Patty is staying with us again for a week or so and she has been keeping the laundry up. That is better than nothing, but we have really got to get some work done today if we are going to celebrate the rest of the weekend.

I haven't sent Jake any mail except a couple of postcards Monday. His 18th birthday is Monday. My son will be turning 18 in Marine Boot Camp. Joy turned 18 at Job Corp.

I got all the pictures out from our Ft. DeSoto Outing and am adding them to the photo page. I have to get Jake's cards and stuff out today, get groceries, get this house clean, on and on and on.

Thursday, June 24

The Scripture Tree is one of the neatest things I have ever seen.
I don't know why I have tried to just not be a part of conversations about the war. I have my opinions of course, but a lot of people I care about don't share my sentiments.

Although I am a registered democrat, I have always considered myself somewhat conservative. Now this comes from a convicted felon who grew up in the projects. My family would remind me that I didn't always live in the projects and that is true. I left home at 13 and my life from then was pretty much self-inflicted madness. I think about the way I allowed myself to be abused and to abuse, and I can't even imagine why someone would put themselves through that. I now can't understand why Joy is in the same situation.

Anyway, since then..........I am a pretty typical American Mom. We go to church, we work, we worry about our children. I wish women would not abort their children. I know it is murder, but I would not bomb an abortion clinic. Unlike many of the people I most respect, I DO NOT believe in capital punishment. I just don't believe that is for us to do. People have asked me what if something horrific happened to one of my children. If I don't have time to think about it, my gut response is that I would kill them myself. But I really believe that is not what the Bible calls for us to do, either me doing it, or the courts ordering it done.

I don't like what is happening in Iraq, and I don't feel good about what we, as a country, are doing there. My son, my flesh and blood, in Marine Boot Camp today, may very well be deployed to Iraq. I am proud of my son and his convictions. He is a young man of integrety (or if not now he will be when the Drill Seargent gets through with him), but why should he risk his life if the very people he wants to protect, hate him or don't want him there anyway. I have a hard time believing that Jesus approved of war.

Me, in all my self richeous sickness surfed the web today until I found one of the beheadnings online and I watched it. I thought about what I would feel if that were my son, and then I tried to think about how I would feel if one of the Iraqi men were my son.

I searched a lot of websites and some were of folks that are in Iraq. What amazed me most was the excellent English. I wonder if they teach English in the schools there, or if they are actually English people living there, or if they are fakes.

I have tried not to see what is going on, but now a part of me is involved and I feel ill equiped to handle the situation.
And here we go again...............

Nope nothing tragic. Seems like I have been turning into the Drama Queen lately.

Just another day in which I had a hard time getting up to. We went to Bible Study last night and didn't get home until after 9. Now I know that might seem early to some folks, but for me to get up at 5 a.m., I really need my rest.

It was good though. We had the Fluckers with us (no jokes). Bill and Fanny Flucker, Missionaries to Mississippi. Now that may sound funny, but these were really great folks and it was exciting for them to share what God has brought on their hearts to do. We really enjoyed it!

Well, Destiny is in the living room screaming as Jamila brushes her hair. The washer is chugging along merrily, and Lee Lee is hollering at George. Like I said.

Here we go again...................

Thursday, June 17

Ah another day..................

Well Jake has been in boot camp over a week now. I got the little postcard with his mailing address on it last Saturday and have gotten out a few pieces of postage to him.

I wish I had written Joy more when she was at Job Corp. There's a lot of things I wished I had done differently with Joy. I wish I would have let her go in her room and read when she wanted to at 13 years old. I wish I had not made a big deal out of the time she wrote her name on the landlords boat. I wish I had not brought so many different people into her life that were not reputable. I wish she had never been away from me for the 5 years she lived somewhere else. I wish she was here. I wish she knew how sorry I am for not being a good mom. I wish I could stop crying here at my desk at work..........

Saturday, June 12

Write Like an Egyptian
Your name in hieroglyphs,the way an Egyptian scribe might have written it.

This is my name...............

My name in hieroglyphs is

Write Like an Egyptian
I had written a long note to my daughter Joy here, but it wasn't posted for some reason. Suffice to say.................I love you and Little Randy Joy. I will be here for you as long as I have life in my body.

Monday, June 7 ? Word of the Day Spelling Games
I have a new Gmail - Inbox. It allows 1000 mb of email storage for FREEEEEE!

Right up my alley.

Jake is gone, headed up to Parris Island for boot camp. The party at the church last evening was WONDERFUL. Even my Dad showed up!!!

Saturday, June 5

I don't know if it was two or three years ago that my friend Kindly Rat mailed me some wild grapes seeds, but I just got them planted and I sure hope they grow!!

Well, Jake will be leaving tomorrow at this time, actually earlier. We are going to have a party at the Church and his recruiter Staff Sgt. DeLeon will be there. He and Jake will leave the church at 7:30 to pick up the rest of the guys and go to the motel. The bus leave there at 4:45 a.m. He will be in Parris Island this time 48 hours from now.

I guess I am still in denial. I treated this day like any other house work day.

Jake's girl friend Jessica is here now. They are laying on Jake's bed watching TV.

I have been on the Atkins diet for a couple of weeks, but have cheated the last two days. I have strong sugar cravings that I have not been able to control.

I am down from 213 to 197, but all my fat girl clothes are still tight...................Now, I need to start working out again!

Sunday, May 30

Well, Jake graduated High School this Thursday. He will leave June the 7th for boot camp at Paris Island. 13 weeks there, and he will be home for 10 days and then off to combat training. From there it is anybody's guess, but we know what is really up there.

There is going to be a party of sorts Sunday night at the church. Jake will go to a hotel from there and leaves Monday.

I'm losing my baby, you know.................

Thursday, May 20

Today is my birthday. I want to take the kids to the drive in movies tonight. It's 4.50 a carload tonight to watch that adventure vampire movie, Van-Something.

I want to see breaking all the rules, but it is not included in the one price carload deal.

Ah well........................Happy Birthday to Me!!! Oh, and I am 44 today.

Wow, I really am getting old :-)

Now you know everything!!!!

The liquid inside young coconuts can be used as a substitute for blood plasma.

No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven (7) times.

Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes.

You burn more calories sleeping than you do
watching television.

Oak trees do not produce acorns until they are fifty (50) years of age or older.

The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

The king of hearts is the only king without a mustache.

American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by
eliminating one (1) olive from each salad served in first-class.

Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.

Apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking
you up in the morning

Most dust particles in your house are made from dead skin.

The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer.
So did the first "MarlboroMan."

Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

Pearls melt in vinegar.

The three most valuable brand names on earth: Marlboro,
Coca Cola, and Budweiser, in that order.

It is possible to lead a cow upstairs...But not downstairs.

A duck's quack doesn't echo, and no one knows why.

Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least six (6) feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush.

Richard Millhouse Nixon was the first U.S. president whose name
contains all the letters from the word "criminal." The second?
William Jefferson Clinton.

(Please don't tell me you're SURPRISED!?!!)

And the best for last.....

Turtles can breathe through their butts.

(I know some people like that; don't YOU?)

Now you know everything there is to know.

Sunday, May 16<---that is an interesting site. It has a lot of quizes and the like. Hope you enjoy it!!

Monday, May 10

Wow, I don't keep up the way I used to!! I go to do a post and the whole dang screen has changed!

Anyway, times are getting better here at the home front, and you didn't even know they had got worse, did ya?

Jake graduates from High School the 26th of this month. He will be leaving for Paris Island the first part of June. 3 months of basic and he comes home and then goes for combat training. I guess it is pretty much settled where he goes from there. I'm not happy about it, but someone has to do it. I just wish it were not MY son. You can pray for him, if you will.

I won't get Jake's SSA from his Dad's death anymore, and the finance thing has not been good in my house for quite a while even WITH that money. SOOOO, I called Consumer Credit Counseling and they are going to take over paying our CC debt which is up to about 18 grand now. It will cost 500 dollars a month. That is a lot better than it has been!!!!

Joy called me yesterday on Mother's Day. They have moved to Portland, OR. She says "Randy" is now working side jobs doing lawn work. Funny, when they got together he couldn't work (she *he* said) because he had a heart murmer. She needs prayer too.

I am so tired I can hardly see straight. Off to early bed!!!!

Saturday, May 1

Okay, it is OFFICIALLY "My Favorite Month" MAY, MAY, MAY, MAY, MAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to get some spring cleaning done, but I have someone staying with us, and I am unable to do what I usually do. Leroy and I have swore not to have folks staying with us, and I know why.

I am going to have to ask her to leave within two weeks. That may seem funny, but we just can't live like this. There are too many people in the house and I want my living room back.

There are 'reasons' of course, but I choose not to go there. I just need things back to normal.

Leroy and George are at a Men's Retreat with the church. Leroy didn't really want to go, but I had already paid for it. I know they are having fun though!!

I was suppose to have gone over to the church for fellowship and lunch, but I didn't make it. I am still trying to clean up this dang house. It's well on it's way to being clean though. One thing I am going to have to do is GET RID of a TON of JUNK!!!

I smell brownies...................hmmmmm.........maybe I should get them out of the oven......................

Tuesday, April 27

I don't relax. Either I'm moving as fast as I can or I am at a total standstill. I have never been able have that midway point. There is always so much to do though. I think the worst part of that is that expect everyone else to keep up with me. I can see that in myself when I step back and take a look, but when I am in the process of accomplishing whatever I am working on, I don't see it in me unless Leroy points it out.

For the last week, my goal has been to get a handle on my laundry. I have thrown tons of stuff away and I've institued an organizational piece with the girls. They have two bins a piece. One for tops, One for bottoms. Sundays they pick out clothes for the entire next week and put them in attaching baskets. Each girl has ten wire baskets that attach, so they have clothes already ready when they wake up (that includes socks and shoes). This has made my mornings easier to handle. George has the large bins for tops and bottoms too. Night clothes, socks, and underware go in the drawers.

My dryer broke, so I have been hanging out clothes on the fence. That is working out so much better because they dry faster than if I was to use the dryer.

I really want Leroy to get that privacy fence put up. We have had all the stuff for ages and it is partially up---------which makes it look even worse. It will probably take me another couple of weeks to have the house back to normal, then, if he doesn't have it up....I will put it up.

I need a box springs for a full size bed, two full size matresses, and one twin matress. Any ideas?

Monday, April 26

I guess I have posted here some about how my world turned upside down beginning with my trip to California to assist my oldest sister who had lost her youngest son (my nephew) in a freak accident.

Now..........that was August of last year, and I am just now getting to where I can work on the plagues that have bothered me since my return.

The plagues were:


Letting my house get filthy

Drinking AGAIN

Loss of income (my old job)

Totaled my van

Smoking (other than cig)

Not eating right

Not working out


and more

and more


My first day back in my Church/AA program was actually the 8th of this month, April 8, 2004. I feel really good about my recovery this time. I haven't made a meeting yet, but have been in church on both Sundays and Wednesdays so far. I DO want to start going to meetings though, but this house has really suffered the worst. I am almost caught completely up with the laundry. Our dryer broke, but I am hanging the stuff outside and it's working a whole lot faster than when I was using the dryer. PLUS it will cut down on the electric bill.

I have chosen today to be the day I start getting back into eating right. I really need to make it to the YMCA though, before this week is over!

So, ladies and gentlemen, God is not finished with me yet!!! I'm just so glad that He is still there for me through thick and thin.

The oven timer just went off................................................anyone for roasted chicken!!

Monday, April 19

Wanda's Country Home ~ House For Sale
The graduation ceremony was great! And it is official Ladies and Gentlemen. I am college gradutate!!!
Two hillbillies walk into a bar. While having a shot of whiskey, they
talk about their own moonshine operations.

Suddenly, a woman at a nearby table, who is eating a sandwich, begins
to cough. After a minute or so, it becomes apparent that she is in real

One of the hillbillies looks at her and says "Kin ya swaller?"

The woman shakes her head no.

"Kin ya breathe?" The woman begins to turn blue and shakes her head

The hillbilly walks over to the woman, lifts up the back of her dress,
yanks down her drawers and quickly gives her right butt cheek a lick
with his tongue.

The woman is so shocked that she has a violent spasm and the
obstruction flies out of her mouth.

As she begins to breathe again, the hillbilly walks slowly back to the

His partner says "Ya know, I'd heerd of that there "Hind Lick
Maneuver," but I ain't never seed nobody do it!"

Saturday, April 17

I have this last class "Senior Seminar" today. Tomorrow I graduate with my Bachelor's in Human Services.

I stared college in 1992. I went part time off and on for 8 years. With 5 or 6 children in the house, it was hard to try to work full time and do all I needed to do. I was going to school when I met my husband. I remember coming home from school in 1998 when we first go together, it was on my birthday May 20th, he and the children had balloons everywhere, etc. It was my first party type birthday since I have been an adult.

I started Springfield College in the fall semster of 2002. I have been taking 12 or 13 credits a semester since then.'s done.

Tuesday, April 13

Well last Wednesday, it finally happened. I crashed. I just couldn't take all the stress anymore and I ended up in the hospital for 3 days.

I'm just glad I didn't miss Easter, or Jamila's birthday this Friday, or my last two classes in school this Friday and Saturday. And most of all my College Graduation this next Sunday!

I am some better, but still need to take it easy mentally. Leroy and I have appt with the regular primary Doc on Thursday afternoon as well.

Wednesday, April 7

I doubt I have ever been any more tired in my life! I have 5 outside appointments from 12 to 3. What a trip!

Praise God that my supervisor realizes that is not the time I spend at work, but the what I do with that time. I can get more done in 3 hours that most folks can in a week.

Think I'm lying? Noper, I can do it Jack. I just can't put out 8 hours like that. I would be dead.
Don't Mess With Mom
My son came home from school one day,
with a smirk upon his face.
He decided he was smart enough,
to put me in my place.

"Guess what I learned in Civics Two,
that's taught by Mr. Wright?

It's all about the laws today,
The "Children's Bill of Rights."

It says I need not clean my room,
don't have to cut my hair.
No one can tell me what to think,
or speak, or what to wear.

I have freedom from religion,
and regardless what you say,
I don't have to bow my head,
and I sure don't have to pray.

I can wear earrings if I want,
And pierce my tongue and nose.
I can read and watch just what I like,
and get tattoos from head to toes.

And if you ever spank me,
I'll charge you with a crime.
I'll back up all my charges,
with the marks on my behind.

Don't you ever touch me,
My body's only for my use,
not for your hugs and kisses,
that's just more child abuse.

Don't preach about your morals,

like your Mama did to you.
That's nothing more than mind control,
And it's illegal too!

Mom, I have these children's rights,
so you can't influence me,
or I'll call Children's Services Division,
better known as C. S. D.

Of course my first instinct was
To toss him out the door.
But the chance to teach him a lesson
made me think a little more.

I mulled it over carefully,
I couldn't let this go.
A smile crept upon my face,
he's messing with a pro.

The next day I took him shopping
at the local Goodwill Store.
I told him,"Pick out all you want,
there's shirts and pants galore

I've called and checked with C. S. D.
who said they didn't care
if I bought you K-Mart shoes
instead of those Nike Airs.

And I've canceled that appointment
to take your driver's test.
The C.. S. D. is unconcerned
so I'll decide what's best.

I said "No time to stop and eat,
or pick up stuff to munch.
And tomorrow you can start to learn
to make your own sack lunch."

Just save the raging appetite,
and wait till dinner time.
We're having liver and onions,
a favorite dish of mine.

He asked "Can I please rent a movie,
to watch on my VCR?"
"Sorry, but I sold your TV,
to put new tires on my car."

I also rented out your room,
you'll take the couch instead.
All the C. S. D. requires is
a roof for over your head.

Your clothing won't be trendy now,
and I'll choose what we eat.
That allowance that you used to get,
will buy me something neat.

I'm selling off your jet ski,
dirt-bike and roller blades.
Check out the "Parents Bill of Rights,"
It's in effect today!

Hey hot shot, are you crying,
and why are you on your knees?
Are you asking God to help you out,
instead of C. S. D..?

Tuesday, April 6

We had to get a new hot water heater today. THAT was a trip, but the gas company let us charge it at No interest for 5 years. 10 dollars a month. How does that sound?

Saturday, April 3

Thursday, April 1

I haven't felt well lately
I let a friend move in the other day. I don't handle change well, but she is a nice girl.

Saturday, March 20

I'm not going to keep my web page this year. I cost me like 120 a year and I don't even work on it any more.

The kids are AGAIN running me crazy. Leroy is AGAIN gone somewhere. Man............I could bitch again.

Tuesday, March 16

Ten pages yesterday, breakfast for dinner tonight.........................
I did 10 pages out of 15 and started another paper.

I made breakfast for dinner. Eggs, hash browns, sausage, biscuits! The kids missed the grits.

Monday, March 15

I stayed home from work today. My stomach was bothering me, but it was probably bothering me because I had a ton of school work to do.

I did 10 pages on a 15 page paper and a couple of pages on another paper. It will all be over soon...............

Friday, March 12

This is worth a look see!
I just read this thing. I haven't for a while. You know, all I do here anymore is complain. Hmmmmm......
TGIF for real. You know, my job is a trip. They should call it the NutHouse. I'm scared to say too much online, but believe me when I tell you...........Work Force Development is a weird occupation. Plus, what do you do with an unemployed person who is an expert on Welfare Reform. Kind of limiting, isn't it.

I won't talk about all the papers that I have to do to graduate Springfeild College next month. It is just totally crazy around this house, at work, and everywhere else. Who ever told me I could work full time, go to school full time, and raise 5 children?

Would someone please donate me a vacation in celebration of my getting my Bachelor's degree after 10 years of on, off, part time, full time school?!?!?!?!?!?!

Monday, March 8

I am so tired most of the time. I have way too much to do ALL the time. Saturday was terrible, but Sunday was better.

The kids' activities seem to over ride mine and Heaven Help Us if Leroy has to work a Saturday or has something else to do.

My home is suffering. My work is okay, my school, is okay, but this house is BAD!! I just can't do everything for everybody all the time.


Monday, February 16

I had the worst headache I have ever had in my life this morning. I called in to work. So when the headache got better (after 4 extra strenghth Excedrin), I still had no energy. SO, I went and worked out for the first time since my trip to California last August.

I am going to juice some carrots, apples, and cranberrys. I am trying to get back on track!!!

Sunday, February 15

I am trying to get Leroy ready to go to the fair!!! I want to leave at 2:00 regardless. I went and got groceries this morning. The kids have been working on the house, but I may have to get some help in, for real!

I got a good deal at Wal Mart for the girls. Nice jeans with appliques and stuff like they like for only 9 dollars a pair.

Funny, how my children are growing. Jake graduates high school this year and goes straight into the Marines. George is five foot six and weighs 164 at 12 years old and is already in middle school. Jamila is still in a size 14 girls, but Lee Lee is getting bigger by the day. AND the FEET on those girls!!!! Leighanne can were a size 8, and the other day we went to Ryan's and Jamila wore a pair of MY shoes. Now, I am a 10, so I know they come by it naturally

Well, I have to get the kids back in the house so I can get some work done!

Sunday, February 8

This is a short storie I wrote for my Creative Writing class. Oh, BTW, did I tell you I graduate in April. Yes, after 10 long years, I will have my B.S. I will be almost 44 years old.

Anyway this is a story as it would be written by a troubled 12 year old girl:.............

Amy Walker
By Jamie L. Jackson

My name was Amy Walker. I’m 12 years old and went to Emerson Jr. Hi. I was in 7th grade. I smoked pot for the first time on Halloween last year and sometimes on the way home from school there was these older guys who gave us girls beer. I have always done well in school; although, somehow it didn’t feel like it. They put me in gifted classes in fourth grade.

It was really funny how that happened. I used to hang out with this group of kids in third grade. We met in an old building every afternoon, and we would do things like play strip poker, smoke cigarettes, and go to the grocery store to steal things. We stole the cards to play the poker and candy and stuff. I used to think this one girl was cheating to make herself lose so she could take her clothes off. She was kind of our leader. I didn’t care. I was just glad I never had to take too much off. Anyway, when they tested me for the gifted programs, nobody told me what they were doing, so I thought that they were trying to find out what we had been doing in that old building. Come to find out, they wanted me to go to a new school with a whole classroom of other people who had taken the same test.

I had to catch the bus to go to the new elementary school, and I stayed there 3 years. I liked it because we got to do stuff the other students didn’t, like take Spanish, Creative Arts, and Typing. In 4th grade, I even won an award for the most original-weaving project. Funny, I just thought the weaving was weird. As a matter of fact, that was how I felt in general. Weird. The kids in my class were mostly from the homes of Doctors and Professors. There were a few of us who were different. There was Randy with the red hair, who wore plaid shirts and his pants were always too short. There was Evelyn. She was the only black girl in class. She had gotten burned around her mouth and head when she was a baby and she had scars around her mouth, and wore a wig. One time she was swinging on the bars and her wig fell off. Everyone laughed, but Evelyn cried. That hurt me. I liked Evelyn.

My mother even allowed me to ride my bike to Evelyn’s house one time. I was across the Main St. on the other side of town. The next weekend, I asked Evelyn to come to my house, but my mother said she couldn’t come. When I asked her why, she said she didn’t want the neighbor’s talking about us. I could feel the injustice in her words. She also used a word for black folks that made me feel uncomfortable. I asked Evelyn one day whether she preferred to be called Black, Negro, or Colored. She told me she preferred to be called Evelyn.
So I went through the “Gifted” classes in elementary school and started in Emerson Jr. Hi in gifted classes as well, but I wanted out. I already felt so different; I didn’t need to be MORE different. None of the cool kids were in the gifted classes.

I wanted to be like the kids who hung out on the field. There was a whole group of them. They would sit in a circle at lunchtime and sneak cigarettes and sometimes smoke pot. I know they did pills too, because one time this girl, Merry, had to be picked up by an ambulance for an overdose of what they said were “Reds”. Now, THAT, was cool.

I couldn’t really get in with the “in” crowd, but I could hang out with the siblings of some of them. Mara was in the same grade as me and she had a brother Jerome. He had long blonde hair and was really cool. When I went to Mara’s house, he was there. Him and his friends teased us about being virgins. One night, when I was spending the night with Mara, Jerome and I “did it”. So now they couldn’t tease me about that any more, but I still couldn’t hang out in the field with the cool kids either.

There was a girl named Charlotte who used to go to our school, but she hadn’t been coming lately. Some folks said that she had run away from home and that they had her going to some Drug Program during the day. Now that sounded cool…………and mysterious.

Mara and I went by her house on the way home once. She told about her experience of running away and how she now was going to group therapy everyday. She said they had good food there, and it was easier than school. I told her I was thinking about running away and she told me that it wasn’t a good idea. Funny, it sounded like GREAT idea.

So I started to prepare myself for my adventure. I pack my clothes and some food, and left it in the alley the night before I planned to run away. When Mara came by to get me for school, I took the pillowcase filled with my stuff. On the way to school, there was a vacant house and I went in there for my first day of freedom. Mara said she would stop by on the way home from school. I sat there all day. I ate some of the food, but all I mostly did was sit. I was afraid to leave the house because I thought someone would see me. When it came time for Mara to come by, she brought other people. They were all excited for me. They thought I was cool. I felt important for the first time in my life. I was cool. Soon after though, they left. Back to their homes and families and dinnertime.

As I sat in the house, it started to get dark and I was scared. I figured I would go to Charlotte’s house and she would tell me what to do next. What she did was call the police department. They came to the house and said that I had not even been reported missing yet (I guess my Mom was still at work), and if I wanted they could take me home. I refused. I wanted to go to Juvenile Hall! I figured that would do a lot for my new cool rep.
I stayed two weeks in Juvey until I got to see a judge. By then I was ready to go home. I had been the youngest in there and the other girls’ used to tease me and once they even told me that I had to be with another girl. I wrote home to my mother and told her she had to help me, but one of guards were friends with the girls and she told them what I had written. They were really mad then, so I mainly stayed in my room, but there were older girls who would talk to me and sometimes teach me things about how to make it in Juvey and in the world. I will say one thing about Juvey; it was there I learned to start reading books. After all, when you can’t leave your room much, what else can you do?

I was glad to go home, but nothing much had changed there or at school. My mother and I lived in small house on Verde Street. It had one bedroom, a kitchen, bathroom and living room. It sat on an alley, way back from the other houses. I hadn’t always lived with my Moma. Sometimes Moma couldn’t take care of kids. You see Moma took pills all the time, and about every six months she would start drinking and drink almost all the time for a long time.

When I was 2, I was in an orphanage for a short while. My older sister and brother were there too, but my grandmother came and got me. I know you won’t believe it, but I can still see the old stone building and my sister waving good-bye when we drove away. I wondered how she felt staying there, when grandma was taking me away. Grandma and Popa (my grandfather) took me to live with my Grandmother’s Brother and his Wife. They sold gravestones in their front yard. I turned three there, and I had a tricycle that I used to ride around the house. One day, when I was outside, my mother pulled up in a pick up truck with her new husband. She had my sister with her. I don’t know where my brother was. Both my sister and mother had white blonde hair just like that lady in the movies on TV. I don’t remember them leaving, but they did.

Eventually my Grandmother had to come and get me. The Aunt and Uncle had said I cried all the time. Funny, I don’t remember that either, but I must have. Grandma and Popa where going to California. She said my mother was there with her new husband and I could go and stay with them for a while.
We lived in Fresno, California, and my mother was pregnant with who would become my youngest sister. About the time for her to be born, my mother’s sister came and got me. Aunt Rebecca and my Uncle Harold were going to Missouri, and I went with them. I loved it there. We went fishing and rode horses, and I walked miles and miles through the woods. Laura (my little sister) was born in August, and I had to get back to California. It was almost time for me to start school.

When I came back, Moma had my sister. She was so beautiful. We had to live in small house at first and I started school, but once my Step Dad and Mom both were working, we were able to move to the house on L St.
It was obvious my Step Dad preferred my little sister to me. He beat me, but she was just a baby. Once he cut a switch to whip me with, but it had another stick that had gown off of it. He had cut that one off too, but had left a nub. That nub went into my leg. They were all concerned then, and everyone took very good care of me.
There were many examples of my Stepfather’s preference for Laura, although I never blamed Laura for it. Once, when we were taking a bath together, I was squirting water at her from the gap in my front teeth, and he came in the bathroom and spit in my face asking how did I liked it? Another time, he was letting us drive. Laura was 2 then, and I was 6. I got to drive first and I thought I did pretty well. Laura did what babies do and swung the wheel back and forth. He said I did terrible and that Laura could drive better than me. I just couldn’t seem to make him like me.

All in all, I didn’t mind, I guess. I was able to stay away from home all day playing, and the only time I had to worry much was in the morning. My mother worked nights and my Stepfather worked days. I would lie in bed in the morning and listen to the footsteps. I didn’t want to get up if only my Stepfather was there. I could tell my mother’s footsteps. They were light and fast. His were hard and heavy. One morning I lay in bed for a long time. Waiting to hear my mother’s footsteps. Finally I just had to get up, and there she was! I guess she had been tired and walking heavier. I cried and cried, because I could have been with her for a long time, but thought it was him.

Eventually he left and took Laura, we followed on a Greyhound bus after selling everything in the house. We took her back, but eventually he came back to California and got her. There are a lot of details in there I have left out, but what ended up happening was my mother started drinking a lot with all the pills and my Grandma came and got me again.

I lived with her until I was 11. I had saved the money from my Moma’s pennies she would gave me from her tips as a waitress, until I got enough to rent us our own place.
Anyway, eventually, when I got out of Juvey I started going to the same group therapy place Charlotte did. They have grown ups that come there for methadone too, and I have one friend who always has plenty pot. We get the munchies and eat all the good food.

I’m almost thirteen now. I look much older. I have had sex with quite a few guys. I don’t really see what they see in it, but I it makes me feel like they care for me.
I don’t plan on staying home much longer. I met a whole bunch of folks in Juvey that told me what to do when you run away, and where to go. Then with the older folks I met at the Therapy center and in the methadone clinic they had there, I could do okay.

Maybe I will go down to the “Cue Ball” downtown where the big teenagers hang out and get high. Maybe they will accept me.

Sunday, February 1

This Mad Cow may talk a little "TOO" much!

Wednesday, January 28

Worked my tail off today, but after I practically didn't work at all yesterday, I guess I made up for it.

Church tonight for me and the kids. I don't know where Fat Daddy (Leroy) is. He's always someplace doin' something.

Georgie and I made bologna subs for the kids to eat in the van on the way to church. I have to leave now and start the pick up process.

I'm pooped, as usual.............

Tuesday, January 27

I've got more going on than I do time. Went to work, took Jake with me. He paid his late ticket next door to where I work. Then, I had to take him to the Doc. He had told me about a month ago he had stuck something in his toe, but then I heard no more about it. He went for a Marine Pool function Saturday and said his foot was hurting. It was swollen and kind of red, so I made an acute apointment for him and took him in.

Come to find out he has Cellulitis (inner infection) and he is now on pain pills and antibiotics.

I got SOME work done here at home, but that pretty much shot the day. I am making spagetti (how is that really spelled) and then I have to go pick up the little girls from daycare and Jamila from the Academy. Leroy is picking up George. He joined soccer and has to be picked up daily now too.

It never ends.......

Saturday, January 24

Well, I went to a funeral yesterday for a lady who was a good friend of mine. Her name was Ms. Dixie and she managed a Laundry. She was in her 60s, and spunky as all get out. She died of cancer and smoked til the end.

See you later, Miss Dixie.
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Friday, January 16

Work has been extremely busy, with complications every step of the way. My job is easy in a way. I recruit employed people with children under 18, who are under 200% of the poverty level, to get training to be able to move up in their current position or to get a better one. BUT we are alway running into bottle necks. Now it's the school we are using, and we can only use one. GEEZ!!!!

I am in school today though. Had to take a V Day. I finally graduate with my BS in April, Praise God!

I have finally quite drinking again, which would have killed me sooner had I not stopped. I have to work on the cigarettes AGAIN now, and get back to working out!!!

The house is a mess, thank God for three day weekends!

Sunday, January 11

I wrote the following poem for my Creative Writing for Social Change class. It is called "I Got This". It's about a young man who dropped out of school and was partying and selling drugs. His mother had told him that he was just like his "no good" Daddy in the Penitentary and that he could never trust white people.

He goes to jail and meet a white police officer that see potential in him and wants to help him get his education. He finally relents and says that when he gets his education, he will come back and help his friends. That the world he was going to was strange to him, but only for now.

I hope you like it and will email me and let me know what you think.
I can handle it, I’m almost grown
I’m young and fine and can hold my own

Party, Krunk, DJ Sporty
Live fast, Die young, never forty

Prepare for the future, when I see none there
Sling that thing like I just don’t care

Jailhouse house rock, not my fault
Granny says not worth my salt

No fear, no way, no how, I’m da' Bone
No money, no Dawgs, no shorties, I’m alone

White police don’t like black jits
He say, “Help you?” I say “Shit”

Why me, white boy? Not my Pops
All he saw was yo’ prison locks

See potential? Clean your glass
I don’t need yo’ cracker ass

Burn, burn, with all the hate
Moma told me, y’all too late

“Don’t trust no white man in this town;
They only there to get you down”

How you know ‘bout my crew ain’t tight
And who is you to say I ain’t raised right

Good in school? Sho’ I got game
Tho’ slinging “caine is my claim to fame

Tired now, you cramping my style
Go on now, let me thank a while

I can’t do what the white man say
Go to school and make my way

That was not my Daddy’s game
And Moma tells me, I’m just the same

Don’t I look like my old boy?
Flicking chicks like I enjoy

Baby’s daddy, that’s not me
Will never see the penitentiary

Okay, white man, give it a spin
Let’s see what you can get me in

If I get get it, know what I’ll do?
I’ll come right back and use it too

So my Dawgs can see a flick of light
In the world we live it’s always night

I’d be the first in a long, long line
To make a move, to take the time

To trust the folks, to let it down
To show my Granny, to show this town

I can do it, I got game
Make the move, not stay the same
Live a life that may be strange

For Now

Jamie Jackson