Sunday, July 29

My children, your children

Sometimes it sucks when you marry and you have children and he has children. The children try to play you against each other and any comment you make is taken as a "my children" issue. I have went out of my way to insure that my children are considered Leroy's. I truly believe that if a man raises and financially supports children that are there we he got there, that they should be considered his and he should have certain rights pertaining to those children. This is.....if the child's biological father chooses not to be active in that child's life. Yet if I comment, it is because they are "my children". I comment because I am "their mother" and I can friggin' comment on anything pertaining to them any friggin' time I want to, and I do not give a shit who I am commenting to. Yes, they are "my children" and they will always be "my children". Whether or not he feels like they are "our children", that is the issue. He can comment when I do something he feels inappropriate, but I can't. What kind of shit is that?

Yet, when "his daughter" calls only when she wants something (this time a car). I have no right to comment at all. Why hasn't she called when we send Christmas and Birthday gifts? Or at ANY other time at all. But if there is money to be had, all of a sudden there is a call.

I am tired of being the bad guy. I have done all I can to share my life with the man I married. That includes the bad and the good. I do not deserve this bullshit.

I am turning into one of those people who complain about their spouse all the time. I need to keep this to myself, don't I?

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