Tuesday, December 30

Thursday, December 18

I am so tired.

I like my new job, but there is a bureaucracy that is kind of crazy. I'm used to running my own deal. Now everything I create has to be approved by three different people. Fortunately, I have a wonderful supervisor!!!! The rest of the folks are cool too, but I really like Darra and my coworker Altavise.

Friday, December 12

School had consumed my life for many years now. All I can say is...........I graduate with a BS in April and I recommend to all young people...............DON'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, December 11

Tomorrow is my last day of school for this semester...........WOO HOOO!!! It is also the end of a my year long group project!!! I am so glad.

NOW, I only have 12 more credits to graduate and I could not be happier. It has taken me 10 years to get my Bachelor's Degree and it is almost over.

I guess I am going straight into the Master's Program. I may as well since I am used to going. Plus while working with this company, I have a feeling that the education will come in handy. I really hope to stay with ACS until I retire. I switching companies, but in this one, a person can move around and stay in the same company. That will work well for me since I get bored so easily.

Wednesday, December 10

I am SO freakin tired. For some reason I can't hardly make it past 3 pm. I am a morning person though.

Oh, whatever!

Tuesday, December 9

Christmas time!! I sure don't feel like it. I am going to have to get the tree up. I am just so NOT feeling Christmasy.

Wednesday, December 3

I am doing WELL at the new job.

One thing I haven't told you yet.....................I drink again. It is not really bad, but I can't go to church at night and haven't been on Sunday for almost 3 months.

I have to get it together. Church is important to me. My relationship with God is important to me.

It won't be today though.