Thursday, June 21

I have a new friend on My Space that is from South Australia - Adelaide!!

Friday, June 15

Before and After
My GM resigned from my morning job. Wednesday was his last dy. So..........yesterday was wild here, but we're going to make it. This young mechanic and I are working together to make it go, and it is. I'm kind of proud that it is actually working. Running this office is very detail oriented.

TGIF, and I only work one job on I am off for the day at 12:30. YOOO HOOOO
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Wednesday, June 6

Court hears appeal in teen oral sex case - Yahoo! News

The girl on the right is my daughter Nikki. She was adopted by a cousin of mine when she was a baby. I found her recently on My Space, but she really wasn't that happy that I did.
She just graduated High School and has so much ahead of her! I hope she can get out of the small town she is in and see more the world and the folks that are in it.
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