Monday, February 25

Well, I had a space after each .gif on these letters. A very nice lady wrote me about another possibility and got me to look at them again, so now it works.

I found a new email system that is pretty cool, and I will put a link to it on there later today hopefully. We had a decent week end. I had a pretty rough Saturday physically, but Sunday was better and I am taking it one day at a time. I did get all my computer work, banking, etc. done this weekend and there was a lot to do. My work at home is about 4 hours a week and I don't always feel like doing it. I got it done though!!!!

I am going to call the cemetary down the road and see what I need to do about getting stuff prepaid. I know a lot of folks think that is morbid, but it has to be done sometime, and now is a good time. I also think it important that I tell someone if I pass away unexpectedly that I want my household to stay the way it is. I want Leroy to keep the kids and everything to stay the same. Of course, it would not be just the same, but it is important that the kids stay with Leroy and all of them stay together in that house. I believe in being practical, and in planning. I can just see Leroy if something should happen to me, he would be running around in cirlces. My baby just is NOT the planner in the family.

Friday, February 22

I can't find a single thing wrong with this html and I know the pictures are there, but they are not showing up. If you have any ideas, let me know PLEASE!!!

Thursday, February 21


I will have to go to my blog after I publish this note, but I believe I have been blogging for almost a year now. I have learned a lot about web site publication, met some absolutely wonderful people, and made a lot of personal changes myself in the past year. I have quite drinking, discovered I have severe health problems, started treatment for that, began my 12 step program, and made some very positive changes to myself as a person. My older daughter has moved as far away from me as she can get, and had a baby. We've gotten a dog, which is almost the first animal I have had strong feelings for and I have started learning how to enjoy my life.

All in all, it has been a good year. I will be 42 this year in May and next month my husband, Leroy, will be 50. I probably love him more now that I even did a year ago, because through it all.........he has stuck by me and I have been through a lot with the Hep C Cirrhosis treatment I am on. It's called Pegalatyed Interferon and Ribavirin.

God has blessed me and my family. Thank you Lord.

Sunday, February 17

K-Force has shown me that men, too, can have lovely thoughts.
Can you believe it, I am cooking through all this.

I'm really not in that bad a shape for not having my pain pills. Exhausted would be the word. When I move, my joints feel like they are cracking apart, but that is not really that bad. As I type, my left arm is going numb and tingling, but that is not unusual.

I had Jamila and Lee Lee clean the chicken for me, and I stuck it in the oven with seasoning salt on it. I don't have any canned black beans, but I will still make yellow rice. We have a weavil attack on our dry goods cabinent and I don't know why or what to do about it. Email me if you know, okay?
I feel like doo doo

Friday, February 15

Unique Position

I was reading a bulliten board yesterday about "Should there be a Black History Month". I find myself in a very unique position here. I can see all sides, and I think everyone has a right to their opinion. I read a lot of stuff I considered ignorant, but who am I too judge anyone. You may think my opinion is ignorant too.

Here are the points I read and my opinion:

Should there be a Black History Month? ----------------- Black history and contributions of blacks to history should be taught every month. So should contributions and all races and ethnic groups. Classrooms should be taught on a global perspective.

If there was an asssocation or a month for the betterment of whites, it would be considered racist.---------------- Yes, it would. Is that right? Hell, I don't know. I think "help" organizations that are formed should not be restricted to any race or ethnicity.

White folks don't need their own help organizations, they already have it made.--------------Racism still exists in America, I know that. Yet I have found that the most prevelant discrimination comes from classism. I do think we have kind of a double standard though when it comes to people starting groups for, or too assist, folks of their own color or ethnic group. We have the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People......a wonderful organization that was created to assist black people, BUT if someone started the National Association for the Advancement of White People...people would be outraged.

When I went to community college, there were scholorships available to minorities that I did not have access to. I thought I should have had access to those funds as well.

Now, you may know, some of my children are biracial. When it comes down to legally indicating their race, I make sure they are listed as black..................because I know there is more help and funds available to minorities. In addition to this I have two white children, so that means there will be scholorships and other assistance available to one of my sons, but not the other. So who has the advantage? My white son because he is white or my black son because he is black.

Sunday, February 10

I am the bomb.

I just hooked up a network at home. I got a new computer and I am giving this one to the kids. So.....I networked them so the kids could get online. I have had two days of stress working on everything, but it is almost done!!!! YEAH!

Wednesday, February 6

The following picture (which is NOT of the best quality) is of Deja and my granddaughter Destiny. Deja is Destiny's best friend who lives next door.

I don't know if I blogged about this, but this year I lost funding for a position. That means the girl who was helping the Walk In clients at work find jobs no longer has that position. So, who do you think has that position.......they just added the work load to mine. I enjoy working with clients, but having to work with clients, maintain that documentation, and do my regular work, has been a big task. Don't forget my health isn't the best either. You can see where I work by going to the CDC of Tampa, Inc. website. I maintain it too, but I haven't had time to make the changes I want to. There is an icon at the top that says Economic Development and then a link to the Career Resource Center. That is the program I coordinate.

Also, I just got a new digital camera at work. I finally caught up with enough work to open the box today and I am charging the batteries. I will be adding a lot of new pictures to the site now. Plus I can always take a picture or two at home I assume.

I have lots of new pictures developed and on CD, but have not had the energy to put them up here. I really want to show everyone our dog Molly. I really love this dog, and it's unusual for me to take to animals so much. She is so smart though, and lovable.

I layed out turkey ham for dinner, but I don't really feel like cooking....................

I have to go to the regular Doctor tomorrow. My have been having night sweats and hot flashes. My Hep C treatment may have screwed up my hormones and put me into menopause. I am also having tingling and numbness on the top of my left arm including my thumb and my two first fingers.

Monday, February 4

Leroy Jr.

What a great weekend we had. Leroy Sr. had to work Saturday, so Leroy Jr. hung out with me. Jake was going to be in the Gasparilla parade, so we gave him a ride over to where he was going to meet the folks, then we went grocery shopping. It really gave us the opportunity to talk and get to know one another. It was wonderful!!

The meal he cooked Saturday was better than my cooking!! We've got some left overs so I guess the fella's will heat that up tonight because I have to teach an hour long computer class starting at 6:00.

The Rec Center the kids go to after school had a Super Bowl party thing yesterday, and we went to that. They bar b qed and the whole works. I stayed from 3 until about 6 but then I had to go home and get in bed. I take my pain pills the way I am suppose to now, and for the most part they are very effective. I can work well and my mind stays pretty clear, but when I have to do "extra" stuff I get VERY tired and have to go to bed. Overall though, the meds keep me going.

Well, I have to go get money out of the ATM. I had a friend of mine at AA fix one of Leroy's rings and clean it up. He only takes cash, but it's only 10 dollars.

Hope you are having a great day!!!

Saturday, February 2

Leroy's son is up for the weekend! It's greating having him. Leroy had to work today, so we were able to talk and get to know each other a little bit better. I enjoyed the day.

I conned him into cooking dinner too, so that will work b q chicken, yellow rice, salad, bisquits, green beans with bacon, macaroni and cheese............the way it's smelling around here we will be grubbing soon!

Leroy and him are going to go out tonight to game works. That's fine with me. It's nice and Leroy gets to spend some time with his son.

I feel like turning in early!