Friday, August 27

The Many Faces of Joy
Philip B. Kunhardt Jr.

Joy is contagious.It can spread like a forest fire,Whipped by a high, hot wind.
Joy can be shared in a crowd.Or it can be savored all alone.Joy can bellow.
Or it can fall soft as a kitten's tread.Joy can excite.Or it can comfort.
Joy can be sensuous.Or it can spring from the intellect.
Joy can bewitch. Joy can be sweet.Or it can be zesty, euphoric, giddy.
It can teach. It can heal.It can lay to rest old pain.
In a world so darkened by suffering and uncertainty, joy can brighten our heavens and make life worth living all over again.

Saturday, August 14

Up until after 11 a.m. yesterday, all the storm trackers had Hurricane Charley coming directly for Tampa turned and hit farther south. I guess you could say that was a good thing, but it just destroyed stuff for people that were actually LESS prepared. Although we have all learned to stay prepared.

We have severe thunderstorms now as I type, but those are normal here.

I am supposed to start me new "side job" today, parking cars in Ybor. I know that may seem a little out of character for me, but I just want to make some extra money doing something where I don't have to analyze, coordinate, or 'think' really.

Hurricane Charley just passed through where Jake is but it is down to a Category 1. That's not too bad, but I hope he is not out in it.

Friday, August 13

Well Hurricane Charli is going to kick our butt. Pray for us, but don't expect a play by play from me. I have to get prepared and then the electricity will probably go out. Just pray for us, k?
A Baby's Prayer Keep me dry and keep me warm and oh how much I need you, Mom!Keep me clean and keep me fed and oh is that you, Dad?Listen to my cries, rock me and sing me lullabies.Give me kisses when I smile, but when I'm hurt or blue, addgentle hugs, too.Listen when I coo, cause I'm saying I love you and when I smile, it's to make it all worth while.There is so much to explore, so keep me safe and secure and be patient with my busy hands, talk to me with words I'll understand.Talk to me a lot so I'll be smart and keep me close to your heart.Sounds like so much to do, but I won't be little forvery long and before you know it, lullabies will bebye-gones.

Wednesday, August 11

I'm tired!

Last couple of days I have been exhausted when I get home. I guess stuff is catching up with me. I never put it on here, but I did the credit counseling thing a while back. Where they take all your cards and unsecured debt and consulidate it to where you only have to pay a lump some every month, live with in your means, and in 4 years you are debt free. I don't know about you but this sounded like a good deal to me. We lost money when Jake left. I had been receiving SSA for Jake because his dad was killed. I no longer have that income and Leroy had really enjoyed his cards, Master, Home Depot and Lowes. Need I say more.

The student loans will come next. DID I BOTHER TO SAY ON THIS BLOG THAT I GOT MY COLLEGE DEGREE???? A Bachelors, Cum Laude, I could have done better..............

So I have a lovely piece of paper now, and an $18.000 bill to pay eventually, and am 44 years old. Well, at least the loan will die if I do and not haunt my family.

Now, with only 4 kids at home and no more school, PLUS we have to live within our means, I have decided to get a part time job...............and I did. Parking cars in Ybor City, which is Tampa's version of Bourbon St. It is 10 hours a week, which is perfect, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights only until the Forum gets back up and having sporting events, hockey games, etc. Then maybe more hours. I want to be able to PAY for Christmas. I thought I would even start lay-away now and K-Mart and WalMart. Leroy is already working six days a week now, so I have to catch up a little. He doesn't really like the idea, but it's plain that we need to do SOMETHING.

It is almost time for Jake to graduate from Boot Camp. I have written him probably 3 or 4 times a week since he has been gone. We will be going to SC EARLY the morning of the 2nd and getting back the 4th. That gives us two nights in hotels, so that should be fun for us, the kids, and of course Jake. He will actually be a Marine. Maybe even a MAN. That is so weird.........

Thursday, August 5

First Day of School

Well, this is it! The first day of school. I woke everyone up a little after five. They got dressed and had some cereal. I wanted them to have something in case it was too hectic to eat at school. Georgie leaves for the bus at 6. He has a TON of kids to walk to the bus stop with, that's a good thing! I left at 6:30 to take Jamila and drop her off. She got there about 6:50. Then, I went BACK by the house where Lee Lee and Destiny's school is. I had not met their teachers because I was at George's open house when they had theirs. Leroy took them to theirs. BUUUUTTTT, I was able to met their teachers and I even had breakfast with them at the school. They ate some more cereal, and I had a bagel pizza and a banana. It worked out well.

I did feel weird without Jake starting to school. It seems hard to believe that he has graduated and is gone. I have been getting letters from him. He failed his first rifle range test and he took another one Monday. I have not heard anything since then, but Brother Bradley prayed for the shooting test itself in church Sunday, so I am sure it went well. I have not made the correct plans to get to and stay the night at Jake's graduation at Parris Island! I have to do something soon!!!!