Saturday, April 28

MSN Gaming Zone - Bejeweled A friend of mine has been playing this game. I will say though, that I beat his first score with 1830 my first game ;-)!
Saturday 14, 9, and 8 year olds will be going to Celebration Station with the Rec Center at 1:30 so I have to get as much work out of them as I can before then. Of course I have to send them with money. Like I have extra money. When I got to the Rec Center to pick the 9, 8, and 6 year old up yesterday, the staff informed me that it was the last day to pay for the Summer. That was a quick $150 I didn't have. Leroy works lots of overtime, but it is always gone before it gets here. If I can learn this Dream Weaver software and get good, maybe I can make extra money designing website. Not a lot of time to play with it though! I vote for an extra day in the week, how 'bout you?

Friday, April 27

Another work week is over, and I sent my fella's off the fates unknown. Some of them amazed me with their insight and intelligence; while others amazed me with their lack of social skills.. I love my job, but if I could spend most of my time in front o f computer without having to deal with people's personalities, I probably would. Someday I may ;-D!

Leroy is tripping tonight. We have had issues and good sex lately. XXXXXXXXXXXX So what does that mean? Who the hell knows. I get tired of tripping, and being called "MOMA" 400 times a day. Okay I had the kids and now I have to deal with them, and I love them dearly, but I NEED a break. My back hurts. My head hurts.........

Thursday, April 26

Oh by the way, work today was at the community college teaching my fella's. I was not even home to be online or whatever.
Okay, it has happened again!! Someone at work called me on my cell phone and asked me was I online on my home account because she thinks that will knock her off the work account. The problem was that she was signed into our work account as a guest using her home screen name. So when someone at work would sign on, it would knock her off. At work I have installed AOL twice, once in my work screen names and I have another separate icon and totally different AOL in my home account's name. Somehow these women are convinced that my home account is linked to the work account and messes with them. When I try to explain what their problem is, they refuse to even let me speak! I understand that they don't understand how it works, but their failure to listen to what the actual issue is is just pure STUPIDITY. I'm sick of it!

Tuesday, April 24

I am exhausted and I'm sure everyone in the world really wants to know that! The class was trying today. A couple of young men in the class and although they are respectful to me, I don't think they can make the transition from THUG to the regular world. Good kids too. One is biracial and his mother abandoned him after being beaten by her boyfriend. Before that they had moved around a lot. He is only 20 years old and already a convicted felon and has two kids. I hope he can make it through the training, he's bright, but I don't know if he can stay focused. It hurts to see lives wasted.

Monday, April 23

I must be going through a dry spell. I don't even feel like getting on the computer, yet I feel an obligation to write in this blog all the time.

This week I am teaching noncustodial parents life and job readiness training. There is only 9 young men in this class, which is really a shame because it is such a good program. It is funded by the federal government for people who are having problems paying their child support and whose child has received some sort of public assistance in the last year. They go through my class and them 5 weeks of cable technician training. They are put on a career path, and for those who use the knowledge wisely, they can be making big bucks in a few short years. As it is they come out of the class making $10 an hour and for Tampa and the South that is pretty good.

The girls are out in the pool I bought at Target. Got a larger one this year....the $20 model. I usually get the $10 one they sell at the drug store which is really not that bad but this one is a LOT larger. They're having lots of fun! Now I have to go cook as usual. I bought seeds at the "Dollar Store" and Leroy said he would help the kids start a garden on the side of the house this evening. That should be fun ;-)!
I didn't do anything on the computer all weekend, can you imagine

Friday, April 20

Now here is the ultimate in frustration. I have a home AOL account. My work as an AOL account. AOL allows you to have seven screen names. Since I usually leave my account open all day, I don't use my work account screen name to log on, I use my home one. I have installed a separate AOL for this which is listed in my directory as (b). So I just stay online using that most of the day. Now a woman at work today was attempting to log on to our work account and she asked me if I was logged on, because she couldn't get on. I said, no I was logged on to my home account and she swore that was keeping her from logging on to the work account. I went to her computer and showed her that another screen name from our work account was logged on and that was why she was unable to log on, but she insisted that I log off. Well, I did knowing that it would make no difference, but she was able to log on because the other work screen name had logged off. So, she thought that just proved her point. I was trying to explain how it works and she just would not listen.

So, I went to AOL billing and pulled up a detailed billing report which showed the person who had been logged on had just logged off before she tried to log on again. I was online under my home screen name and account. I wrote her a memo telling her I could not function like this, highlighted the offending log on which could have been a guy who is at a conference in Atlanta or his girl friend (I don't know and don't care). By the way...AOL can show exactly when someone is on and when they go off etc.

She also thinks I knock her offline from home! I am so pissed and frustrated!
Okay, I'm tired now! I can't remember to put my glasses on when I'm reading because I have to take them off when I work on the computer and I haven't quite mastered the glasses lowered on the nose yet. I don't want bifocals either. So because I have been reading this stupid manual with out glasses, now I have a headache although I took 3 Tylenol. One good thing though is that I am working on a kind of home page that will be my home page and then I can link to my blog from there. I wonder where I can find cute backgrounds for my home page? I know one thing...........this stuff is terribly time consuming. I don't know how I will find time to keep up with my work's web page and still do my regular job. All this is really doing is adding another job to my existing one. That's pretty normal for around here ;-).
Okay, I am now almost to my second hour of "Teach Yourself Dream Weaver in 24 Hours" and it only took me three hours to get there ;-)

Thursday, April 19

KD Craft Exchange - Toothbrush Bracelets Got this link from a friend in Austria's website. Got KIDS?
Oh boy
Here is where you can see the last statement of Executed Offenders in Texas. Now I REALLY know I am sick.
I know I'm a little bit sick, but this proves it....Fantasy Death Row
Income tax form for laid off dotcom worker
Poke the Bunny I hope Jamila (our 8 year old) doesn't see this. Poke, Poke, Poke!
Well I found it.....The Island of Lost Socks....there is no Sock Heaven, but I found this island and guess's in AOL Hometown. So not only has AOL screwed up my DSL, but they have all my socks TOO!!!!
I went by Target yesterday afternoon and got Destiny a pair of Blue's Clues!Shoes. She is such a big girl and already wears a size 9! I also had to get a dozen pair of socks for the girls. I wonder if anyone knows where socks go. Is there a sock heaven? I think I'll do a search for it on Yahoo.........
I really love the show Weakest Link . Which I think makes me kind of sick. It comes on at 10 pm though and I am an early to bed, early to rise kind of person. Why can't they make it come on earlier?
Well my latest thing is to join web rings for this Blog.

Now, at work, I have downloaded the FTP software and I am going about learning how to maintain that website. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes ;-)

Wednesday, April 18

Finally made it home. Really tired tonight. Leroy has been keeping me up for the last two nights (guess why) ;-). You would think he was 17 not 49. I know he wants another baby, but I hope it doesn't happen. A couple of years ago it would have been alright. After all, once you have 4 or 5 one more would not be that much different, but I am more tired than I used to be. My job is more demanding, and I am just not with it.

Leroy and I have been together 3 years. I had all six kids in the house when we got together. I have never used birth control and we haven't ever used any contreceptive devices, but no babies so far. I guess I could say, so far, so good. When I think about it though it would be wonderful to have a little Leroy. I remember he used to say if I would have another baby he would take care of it, but he works 11 hours a day, leaves before the kids get up, when would he be doing all this taking care of?

Have to start dinner. Doing chicken thighs again. We eat a LOT of chicken ;-)!
Okay, so I've been playing with the color. Is it too bright?!?! I have to figure it all out ;-)

Well I've made some changes. How do you like them?

Tuesday, April 17

Good Night, Sweet Dreams........
Since I can't have archives, I just put everything I've ever wrote on my blog. Wonder how that will work ;-)!!!!!!!!!!
Well, Destiny is home!

I left work today to do job development. That is part of what I do, you know. I went by my daughter, Joy's house. It, again, was filthy. I had taken her some clothes for my granddaughter, Destiny. I asked to use her bathroom and someone had just jumped out of the window. Additionally, they were unable to flush their toilet, so I didn't use it. Later in the day, I fixed it, and cleaned it myself.

When I finally got home, I got to thinking about it and decided that the other children and I would go over and help Joy clean her house. When we got to the Interstate we saw her car ahead of us (to our surprise). We followed them and then decided just to got straight over there. Windows were open, back door open. We started cleaning.

Joy came home with her " friends", apparently they have a 2 girl, one asshole thing going on. I'm sure no one reading this knows anything about stuff like that.........The asshole got mad because Joy would not let him take her car and left walking down the street.

Joy and I talked. She said she was not able to take care of herself or Destiny. So Destiny is home with us.

Praise God! Y'all pray for my backward daughter. I love her, but she feels unlovable.
Wake Up This simulates the life of a McDonald's worker. - The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more! Now this was an interesting site! A must see!!!
This starts another day. One thing I have noticed without Destiny in the's not nearly as much to do. No one to dress. The other children don't have to be watched constantly.

It was sad for a minute yesterday. Her little friend next door was looking for her. They use to play together in the afternoon.

Monday, April 16

Quilt of Phenomenal Women Found this link on my favorite cowgirl's site! She refers to herself as a black girl trapped inside a redneck's body ;-).

Sunday, April 15

I just wrote about 6 paragraphs on the joy of spring and southern food, and was told I couldn't publish because I was not a member of this blog. I will not rewrite my musings. I will go start cooking for the masses ;-)!
Got worried because of the late phone call and no response, so I went to Joy's house. She wasn't home, but I have a key and let myself in. The place was so filthy you couldn't even walk through.

I know I have to learn to let go, but it is so hard to do at the expense of someone you love so much. I geuss people have survived much more, it just seems a shame that Destiny has to suffer.

Saturday, April 14

My grand daughter Destiny has lived with me since she was born. First with her mother, Joy, here. At more lately with Joy beingone to Job Corp and then out of the house.

Joy and I have never gotten along. She keeps screwing up. Loosing jobs, choose asshole, nonworking men to associate with etc. Finally I got pissed off and told her not to come over here disrupting our lives. She said I couldn't tell her to stay away because I have her baby. I told her it takes more than a visit occasionally to be a mother, etc.

She brought the police to my house at 11 pm (we were in bed of course) to get Destiny. The police ended up not taking her, but the next day I was too scared to take Destiny to day care. Finally, late that morning, Leroy and I decided we would just have to let her have the baby, and we did. I nutted up. Cried all day, broke out in hives from nerves. Eventually had to go to the Doctor. Couldn't go to work.

I'm getting somewhat better now. Took the kids to the beach. It was peaceful.

Joy called yesterday and asked if I wanted her to bring Destiny by. I said it would be better if we waited a while. Then, she called after midnite and wanted us to call her this morning. :-(

Tomorrow is Easter.........traditionally all the kids color their eggs today, so I have to get to the store soon and get the stuff!

Wednesday, April 11

Okay, I don't understand how to put it all in, butJavaScript Source: Free JavaScripts, Tutorials, Example Code, Reference, Resources, And Help, seems a great site to learn form. So WHAAAT Ever! Let me know if you use this link, okay?
RecipeSource: Your Source for Recipes on the Internet Okay, so I am kind of corny. This is still a good site ;-)
I wish I had more time to spend on this site, and things related. Spring is calling though, and in reality, how much time can I spend in front of a computer. I am so misunderstood :-). LOL LOL
Okay, I have a few free moments. George and Jamila (my 9 yo and almost 8 yo, April 16) are in the "Little Soldiers" program at the Rec Center where they go after school. I fed the rest of the family cereal (I'm bad, huh?) tonite! Leroy won't tell me what he wants to eat, so he has not eaten.

Destiny has a bug of some kid. Wakes up with "matter" in her eyes and a small temp. We have antibiotics here from a prevous illness so she is getting that and children's Advil. This week end she had a bad running nose with "green stuff", the parent's nightmare.

Leroy is home early. WE HAVE A BOAT. Were you impressed? ..........................what we have is, what Leroy calls, a Johnny boat. Little metal thing that (maybe) can seat 4 (doubt it), and you row to fish. Like Leroy EVER takes time off work long enough to do anything!

He is my love though! Although he doesn't to the things he used to do. We are one.
Okay, I totally lost my archives again! Plus now I am getting another error message. This is so frustrating.

One thing good though. I think I am going to be able to get Dream Weaver software and maintain the CDC of Tampa's (where I work) website. You know what that means! Yes, I will be the BOMB!

I can work on the archives later! It just takes time and I don't have a lot of that. I am getting good though.

Tuesday, April 10

It is HOT outside! Just reminds me what the summer is going to be like. You know I grew up in California where it could get to 110 degrees, but the Florida heat is worse at 90 or 95. The humidity is so high...that's the problem.

I am going to hate going to the beach this year though. I am up to a size 16. I can usually knock it off in the summer, but maybe not. I'm getting older and it seems like lots of things are changing. I wonder what the magic is about turning 40 that makes everything start going haywire. Now, next month, I will be 41. Leroy just turned 49, next year he will be the BIG 50. One thing does improve with age. You don't sweat the small stuff as much.

Although I am sweating about my mutual funds. What in the hell is happening!?!? I tried to tell Leroy that it will get better, but it is really bad right now. That is our retirement money and I hate to watch it slip away.

Ah goes on.....

Monday, April 9

Am I hooked on this? This is addictive right? Someone tell me?
Okay, just a quick note and I HAVE to cook dinner for the masses.

AOL told me that I needed a filter on my home alarm system to get the DSL to work. Well $83.00 later, STILL no go. I am really pissed. Jacob went to get the kids at the Rec Center and Day Care. I am suppose to be cooking. I have chicken thighs and never know what I am going to do til I get in there. I know lots of women plan their meals. I would love to be like that. I'm just lucky to get the masses fed.

Would you like a glass of Chardonnay? :-)
I deleted my news articles and my error message cleared up. Funny I had not even messed with that code and it screwed up by itself. Is that even possible? I had added a bouncey ball, but had to take that out. How do you like my new clock? I found the neatest site today. I will add a link it a little while.
Did you get an error message when you opened this page? Let me know.....

Sunday, April 8

Ah what a wonderful day! Jamila spent the night at a friend's for a Birthday sleep over. We had my friend Lillie's twin girls over to keep Lee Lee company. Leroy was able to sleep til after 10 and Jake and I had gotten the house swept and ready for mopping before he got up. Good move I made not getting carpeting with all these kids, and putting down the ceramic tile was another good move. Anyway......Leroy worked in the shed all day and I periodically went out to be nosey, in between watching cooking shows on the Food Network. George is next door at a Birthday party right now, and I have steak and chicken marinating in the kitchen. I am going to get the girls in the shower and try to deal with all that hair!!

So we have a clean shed. Joy (our oldest--18) came to get the rest of her clothes out of the shed. She has a kidney infection and had to go the Emergency room yesterday. Wasn't able to work this weekend and I certainly hope her "jerk" can help pay the rent next month.

The weather is Wonderful, although the AC is on and the bill will probably be high again.

We are blessed!
Okay here is the latest problem. I have AOL and recently they have offered a DSL line. So, being of an impatient nature, I was very excited about the opportunity. I signed up, waited month after recieving confirmation that the line was ready, and started calling AOL Plus technical support who would then refer me to AOL Shop Direct, who would then refer me back to Technical Support, and this went on for three weeks before one guy had enough sense to check with his supervisor, who could tell me the DSL modem was on back order.

Finally the modem got here. I hooked it up with no results. It was not connecting to the network. I spent 7 hours on the phone with technical support last weekend, finally then said they would do a "truck roll" where a technician would come to my house Thursday, April 5th between 12 and 5. In the mean time.....I turned off my computer one morning, turned it back on in the morning and all of a sudden the modem was connected to the network! I was excited! I went to log on and it got all the way up and kicked back off, saying it was unable to connect. Naturally I tried this several times. At this point I called back to technical support who mentioned that if I have a home alarm system, this could be causing this problem. I have no idea why this was not mentioned before. Regardless, took off work early and waited Thursday for the technician who, of course, was a NO SHOW.

Now I have scheduled for my alarm company to come out and make the adjustments to my alarm system to be able to put a filter on the line and hopefully solve my problem. By the way........this will cost me $100, and I am not even sure it will work. Yesterday, I called back to Technical Support and rescheduled the "truck roll" for Wednesday. Hopefully everything will be already fixed by then as the alarm company is coming on Monday, but I am covering all my bases.

So as you can see.....this DSL shit has been a pain in the ass. They say is it worth it, but I don't know. My connection today is at the speed of a turtle so I certainly hope so. Oh, BTW, AOL has given me 2 free months for my trouble. Big Friggin' DEAL!

Saturday, April 7

I recieved an email recently from a fella' whose blog is called Feral Living. He is having the same archive problems I used to have and have almost got to the point where I don't care about archive problems with my blog. My really big issue is when I couldn't figure out how to get my pictures up here. interesting fella'.

Friday, April 6

Hyakugojyuuichu!!!!!!! Something else I stole from RedDwarf. A link to his page is forthcoming. He always has the best links!!
Kill Innocent Sheep Here!! Oh God this is fun! I killed 35. I steal all this good stuff from RedDwarf.
Since I don't really know what I am suppose to add to the RSS Sydicate thing. I will just add eveything. UPDATE: now you can see the Tampa Bay news right here on my blog!! I just add all the little buttons and whistles until I learn how to do more stuff myself. I have asked, and it was approved, for my employer CDC of Tampa, Inc. to allow me to got to HTML classes. I start in May! THEN....I will have more knowledge of what the heck I'm doing ;-)
Well again I am trying something new. I am going to Syndicate my page. What does that mean? you ask. I am not sure, but apparently lots of people will now be able to come to my lonely little web log. Why do I want lots people reading such nonsense? you ask. I'm not sure. Really I want lots of people to sign my guest book. That way I can find out where people are from, visit their sites, and basically broaden my knowledge of diffrent cultures. I really enjoy visiting other people's sites. It never ceases to amaze me, how different, yet alike, mankind is. So I will attempt to Syndicate and see what happens. EV the guru of blogger suggested it!

Thursday, April 5

Find a new name for yourself here Names You Wish You Had : The Pornstar Name Generator I am now---Electra Bordoux
Okay, I can't complain about my 14 year old (Jake) on this site because his girlfriend reads it and I would not want to embarrass him. I already embarrassed him last, eh, eh.......They were talking on the phone, and I guess he told her to call him right back, because when he was in the bathroom (number 2) she called. He told me to tell her he would call her back in 5 minutes, but not to tell her he was in the bathroom. So, being the caring mother that I am, I told her he was in the bathroom and would call her back in 10 minutes. He almost died! LOL! I guess he didn't want her to know that he poops. I told him........Jake, you know she poops too. We all poop Jake. Anyway, she thought it was very funny! I thought so too.

Now here is the question........would you let your spouse in the bathroom if you are going Number 2?

Tuesday, April 3

I don't know how I ended up with The complete collection of Men Jokes, I was looking for Grant Proposals for work.
Did I ever tell you about my teenage daughter? She was always a pain and then it got worse. I love her, but it is hard to believe she is actually my child. If I were a man I would have serious doubts. Anyway.......she got pregnant at 14, had her baby at 15, but started doing better at that point. Graduated 8th Grade at 16, and went to Job Corp. She had kept her own baby until she went to Job Corp. Did well there, came home, got a car, got a job, got an apt, got a bank account. We decided it would be best to leave the baby with me at that point. Then she lost her job, lost another job, met a jerk. She is working now, but not getting enough hours to survive. I have told her to get another job, that I would help her, but she chooses to sleep late with the nonworking jerk. She had a little bit of money in the bank. Enough to pay her rent and bills. It is the first of the month and she just gave her land lord her rent, but when I checked her account online, she doesn't have enough money to cover the check.

Now she could have been going to day labor until she found work or until her job picked up. Or coming to see me about alternative employment, but she has not done that. Now she is in deep shit, but of course she knows it all.

Now some people would think I was wrong by not helping her, but remember I have 5 other children at home, including her child. And...........if she gets evicted then she will just have to learn the consequences to her actions. She had the money. She blew it, and now she will just have to figure it out. Wonder if the jerk will help her? Lessons sometimes come very hard earned!
JamieJackson's new picture site! Come look what I just did!

Monday, April 2

See ya!
Another day at work is over............some things got done, some things didn't. Now it's time to change hats and become MAMA!!!!!!! And away we goooooo.............. This is the radio station I listen to every morning. They are offering a free Lipo Suction. Now I know I am over weight by about 30 or 40 pounds. I have recently started trying to work on it ;-), but this would be the ultimate! I could continue on with my water consumption and walking regime, but the Lipo could get me toned! CHOOSE ME MJ!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 1

Wonderful weather here in Sunny Florida! We have had rain for the past few days, but since we are just getting over a 2 year drought, it is a welcome rain! It is probably 75 degrees today. Clear skys. My Confederate Jasmine is in bloom and when you walk up to or out of my house you can smell them.

I am cooking a pot roast today, with celery, onions, and carrots. I will make yellow rice and corn bread, and have a green salad!
Leroy said he was sorry for disrespecting me!! He is wonderful after all, isn't he?!?
An elderly gentleman is talking to friends. He explains in a husky, aged voice, but with pride and delight that he has a new mini hearing aid. It has changed his life and brought him back into the world from which being hard of hearing had excluded him.

When asked "What kind is it?" he replies, "Nine thirty."
Go to the audio on this site and listen to the Funeral! It is SO funny!!!!
Okay, you tell me who's right. Leroy told Jacob he could go down the street and shoot his BB Gun (which is fine), but he didn't watch him go down there so Jacob walks down the street with the gun under a towel. Of course, the neighbors down the street call the police. I'm in the house and don't know the police have came to the house. Later on, in a round a 'bout way I find out about it. I asked Leroy why he didn't think it was important to tell me that the police had been called on Jacob. He said he handled it, but I feel like he should have told me immediately. Then, he gets mad at me and cusses. I told him that I would not allow anyone to cuss at me and he could get out of the bedroom with that mess. He stayed in the living room last night, and I went grocery shopping first thing this morning. When I got back, he was outside working in the shed. We haven't spoken this morning. I feel like he owes me an apology!