Thursday, May 17

Well, we have had the strangest things happening lately! I noticed that the last time I posted here Leroy's work truck had been stolen. SINCE THEN, we found out who it was, told the police, nothing happened.

Last month someone called Child Protective Services in reference to the kids. It was all VERY made up and they were able to see that right away, closed the case right away, but it was still a hassell and the whole neighborhood knows about it!

Then Sunday early morning someone slashed all of Leroy's work truck tires and one of our personal truck tires. Can you believe all that stuff????? I think someone doesn't like us very much.............

I have two part time jobs now that add up to 41 hours a week with me still having Friday afternoon off, kewl huh?

I stopped going to the Pain Doctor, but the pain hasn't stopped. Need drugs :-)