Wednesday, February 28

Took me all day to get a Pediatric Dentist to sedate Destiny and pull her tooth. I was so stressed!!! Got some wonderful old pictures from my Sister in California and will put them up here soon.

Tuesday, February 27

Well Jacob's cast was suppose to come off yesterday, but one bone in his forearm is not healing. They put him in what is called a "Munster" cast that does not allow his wrist to bend. Next appt. Four more weeks.

So then I picked up the three kids at the Rec Center, and went to get my baby granddaughter Destiny at Day Care. She had shattered her front tooth. Leroy took her to the Emergency Room and was there three hours before being told there was nothing they could do. So I have to leave work again and take her to a pediatric dentist. Sucks, huh? Of course it does. She is here at work with me right now drawing all over everything.

By the way, her 3rd birthday is March 1st. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DESTINY!!

Monday, February 26 - boogie banana I'm Going Bananas
CDC of Tampa, Inc.
This is where I work..................wonder if I did this before. Oh it is.
This is all of us at a place called Aunt Sue's on the Cherokee Trail.
Thanks to Chris for showing me how to post pictures on my Blog. Thank you!!!!!!
I got the first picture I tried to post to work finally, but it was so big it looked wierd and I am taking it down. I will be talking my 14 year old Jake to the Dr. today to get his cast off. His arm had been badly broken, they did surgery, put pins in and now it's finally coming off!!

Saturday, February 24

My AOL | Today's News This is a story my husband and I read together. Since I am white and he is black and we live in Florida it sparked our interest. I don't know where our children would go in this town where they are openly segregrated. But we live in the South, and things still go on here.
Good Morning, Good Morning! Saturday!!!! Hell ya! Slept til 9:30 which is extremely late for me, get to chill for a while and have to clean this filthy house. Need help badly, oh well............Life goes on..........

Friday, February 23

Thursday, February 22

Finally made it home! Got a cold bottle of Busch beer. Kids bugging me. Rabbit poop everywhere. "Uncle" Paul is finishing the combination Rabbit/Iguana cage my husband Leroy started making. We're splitting it in half with chicken wirre so we're killing two birds with one stone. My back really hurts and I have no clue what I am going to make for dinner. Any ideas? If anyone ever reads this please email me at I also need to know how to add pictures to my Blog. HELP!!!
Now I have a chance to run my mouth or should I say fingers. I, naturally, will start by talking about my children. I have given birth to 6 children. Joy my oldest is 18, she was a problem child; got pregnant at 14; had her baby at 15; went to Job Corp; started doing better; got her GED and CNA; came home; got a car, job and an apartment; moved out; left my grand daughter Destiny with me. Destiny is almost 3 and thinks she runs the whole household. I have a 14 year old son name Jacob (blonde hair, blue eyes). He is in his first year of high school and his grades suck. He's a good kid though, it's either be good or I kill him ;-). The there is 9 year old George. George is biracial, big for his age, and would be fine if only he wouldn't whine so much. Jamila is almost 8, does really well in school, is beautiful and popular. I wish she would keep her room clean ;-). Then there is Leighanne, who we call Lee Lee. She was born when I was just 5 1/2 months pregnant; only weighed 1 pound 3 ounces and got down to 15 ounces at one point. She had less than a 5% chance to live and she is running me crazy at 6 years old. She is a loving child. Then............I had one daughter who was adopted. Do I regret that decision..........HELL YES. But it's done now. I recently married the love of my life. I had had so many sorry men, I just couldn't imagine how much better life could be with a "Real Man". We got it going on ;-
I finally did it, and it only took me HOURS!!! I put a counter on my weblog and didn't destroy it!!!!
Hello there, I'm Jamie