Thursday, August 23


Had some bad news yesterday and didn't do any blogging. I have said I will save all my medical and AA stuff to my twelve step site and I will. What folks really want to know here in Jamie's Crazy Hectic Life is what is happening related to work or home, right??? So.......

What's for Dinner

Turkey ham, mashed potatoes, salad, some veggie (don't know which yet) and probably biscuits.


I am more tired than usual lately and have so much to keep up with. My house is messier than usual and I don't have the energy to beat the children into helping keep it clean. I would give ANYTHING (almost) just to have someone keep up with the laundry for me. Jake usually does it, but there is so much other stuff around here that needs to be done. When I had so many kids, I had no idea I would run out of energy midstream ;-)

Work is going well.

Well, I better peel this potatoes :-)

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