Sunday, August 12


Well, the girls are in the pool (from K Mart *smile*) outside and I have dinner cooking. I'm just doing a goolash type of thing. Ground chuck, large can of mushroom soup with lowfat milk and white sauce mix, and elbow macaroni. I'll probably through in a can of corn and that will feed the whole bunch of them.

I do have to get the girls hair done tonight though, so I might let them wash it in the pool and put cream rinse on it before I leave for my 5:45 meeting. If I can get it combed out, at least, before I leave, then it will not be so much to have to deal with when I get back. I remember when I was pregnant with George (my first racially mixed child), I was so happy that he was not a girl because I didn't know how to deal with all that I have 3 little girls, all with diffrent degrees of kinkiness in the hair. Jamila is the hardest to deal with.......TONS of hair, thick and really curly. Lee Lee has less thick hair and not quite so curly. Destiny doesn't have a bunch of hair yet and I think it will be more like Lee Lee's.

I'll get a good night's sleep tonight, I betcha!

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