Monday, August 27

News Flash

This guy that Leroy worked with was arrested. He used to come over here sometimes and he got on my nerves. He was loud and irratating. Not that loud really bothers me, shoot my hold household is loud. But this guy really got on my nerves. Leroy and his other friend John took this guy home one night (Art is his name). He got in a big fight with his girlfriend and his girlfriend's son (about 15) got in his face and the guy beat him up. He went to jail for that too, but got out and the girl took him back. dinner tonight Leroy told me the guy had went to jail, so we looked him up on the Internet and sure enough.....he was arrested for trying to rob a bank with a gun. In Florida, that's a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years. What an idiot! Who trys to rob a bank now-a-days? I'll tell you........just idiots. Reason for it........Rock Cocaine of course. Rock Cocaine will make a person do the stupidest shit! I will say......I feel sorry for will be a long time before he's free. Wait........he's my age or just about.......40 years old......automatice 20 years, with NO chance of getting out sooner........DAAAANNNNGGG.....can you imagine. Drugs.----------------------He also drank quite a bit. I asked him last time he was over here, about a month ago, if he wanted to go to a meeting. You know alcohol makes you do stupid stuff too. MMmmmmm.........I think I am crazy enough without anything to make me crazier.

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