Monday, August 27


Well, I went to my arraignment today.........if you don't know about my wild jail ride, read May 19th through June whatever. Anyway.....I pled not guilty and go back to court on September 11th. The public defender said "no victim, no case", and with Joy in Oregon that is not a worry right this minute. Although I don't believe she would actually follow through if she were here. Then, again, who knows. This whole thing has been weird.

I go to the Liver Dr. tomorrow. I will talk about those issues in my twelve step blog to keep this one disease free. Hey, that's kind of funny------disease free blog (alcoholism and cirrhosis are both diseases)-------that kind of sounds like I have a healthy blog and a diseased blog, when I actually think my "diseased blog" has more "recovery" than this one ****BIG GRIN****. Oh, that's funny........mmmmmmmmmmm........guess you'ld have to be here.

I made chicken soup yesterday, and I have to put it on my new site. That's an easy one and good too! I am making breakfast for dinner tonight. The kids LOVE that!

Well, think I will go see if my buddy Daniel won the Kentucky lottery or power ball or whatever that thing was called.......wonder if he would blog if he won........???????

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