Sunday, August 12

End of my vacation

Well, it will be back to work for me tomorrow. I can't say I am looking forward to it, but I am not dreading it either. I have really enjoyed this time off.

We went to my Dad's yesterday and went swimming. I saw my aunt and uncle I haven't seen in close to 10 years although they have been right here in town ;-). It was a nice time. Leroy was helping someone work on their car, so he didn't get to come. Typical of him, but I ain't mad at 'im ;-). I was really tired when we got back. I did find a place though that has bingo for 50 cents a card and plays every Saturday night. I want to start doing that, it sounds like fun.

Now Leroy is saying my computer is an obsession..................I don't know. I know like working on it. I just had to transfer all the pictures over the Homestead, that was a pain. I took me forever to get a clear "scandisk" yesterday. I had to clear everything from the little bar down there, but it finally worked on a thorough scan and now I have to defrag. My computer is 3 years old and we can't afford a new one, so I have to take care of it.

Well, I better get breakfast ready.......

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