Wednesday, August 8

New pictures!!!

I have added some new pictures to the PICTURE PAGE !!! Hope you like them, let me know! I plan on adding more but it takes a while to edit them for size, etc. and I have so much to do around here in the few more days that I am off work. That's right..........I don't go back to work until Monday!!!!

What's for dinner????

Well, like I mentioned earlier.....I have been wanting a pot of beans, so I did what I said I was going to do.....we are having pinto beans ***now I put in a large onion, lemon pepper, seasoning salt, fresh squeezed garlic, and smoked turkey wings to mine***, yellow rice, and corn bread. Georgie is probably going to bake the corn bread and make some oatmeal cookies since is Aunt Paula gave him the mix.

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