Wednesday, August 29

Hi there

Things going well here. Have gotten a lot of work done, but truly need to work on some letters to go out to an apt. complex where I will be teaching a basic computer class once a week, for an hour. Just general typing and things. I will have to get with someone at one of the vo tech schools for some basic stuff. I think it will be a lot of fun!

Leroy and I are kind of on bad terms. I think I misunderstood something he said this morning, but it sounded confrontational so I accused him of attacking me. It was just his tone of voice. We were talking about the kid's rooms being messy and he said something like "Well you never let me handle the situation", and that is just not true. As a matter of fact I depend on him to help me with the kids because I am totally outnumbered. He is so seldom home anymore. He gets home about 7, eats, goes outside to work on whatever is out there, and that is it. So he really has not been helping as much as I need him to. He says I am getting mean. I admit, I got a little defensive, but I really just don't feel like agueing about ANYTHING. We are going to have to talk this one out. This is not one we can let go......maybe we will find time tonight.

Have hamburger meat layed out at home. Have no clue what I am going to do with it ;-)

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