Saturday, August 25

Stuff Added

Okay, I added the guestbook maybe folks will sign it! SIGN THE GUESTBOOK, IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SIGNED IT, SIGN IT AGAIN. Ha ha ha ah.............mark you location on the WORLD MAP!!! lololol

I'll fix this thing when I get back from the grocery store. Let me see......I have a coupon for Sudafed, Wishbone Salad Dressing, and I must have thrown the rest away.....knowing I was not going to use them ;-)!!

I sent my Brother In Law Dwight a money order earlier this week and a postcard showing women's titties.......they have a lot of those kind of cards in Florida ;-)! Dwight is in a safe place.......I am going to send him another postcard today or maybe some pictures. I've been in his place before and wished that folks would send me stuff ;-). I go!

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