Monday, August 13

Back to work, and home again

Well today started off kind bad. Leroy and I got in an arguement about Jake and George. Jake had gotten up and started cooking one of the little frozen breakfasts I buy for Leroy and I. He has oatmeal or cereal usually, plus he gets fed at school. So I told Jake he could have that one (two breakfast burritos), but not to eat anymore because I buy a certain number and plan for the week. About half way through, George came in and asked could he have one. I told him No, that Jake wasn't even suppose to have one, and that he would be eatting at school (as would Jake actually). A couple of minute later, Jake got up from his seat to do something, and he had the burrito in his hand, stuck it in my face and asked did I want a bite (I get kind of sick if I eat early), I told him No.....but to give Georgie that last bit (he had another one left). Jake went in the kitchen and tried to gobble it down, so I got onto him. Leroy took up for Jake. It went from there, but we just got off the phone, and both of us agree.......we can NOT argue in front of the children anymore. It makes them feel insecure and scares them. They don't realize that we love each other anyway, we just disagree (loudly sometimes) ;-). So we will talk about it more tonight, and keep working on it. It's an ongoing thing you know. If we don't continue to communicate, loud stuff happens ;-).

Anyway........the day back from vacation was great. I didn't get much accomplished at work, but I got stuff organized. I've really got a full week ahead of me, but I am looking forward to it! We have new goals that are really going to hold us accountable, but that is fine with me. I enjoy a challenge!


I am doing bar-b-q leg quarters (skinned and fat cleaned WELL), brocolli, and french fries. I hope to get the kids settled early and be able to read and watch TV at the same time. I read during commercials (of which there are plenty!)

I got a package from my sister that included photos (I am going to try to scan a couple for the picture site), a little purse for Jamila, recipes (which she needs to start typing in and sending for my recipe pages when I do them), and Silymarin. That is milk thistle extract and they say it is good for your liver. She told me to buy some the other day because she read on the Internet about it. I wonder if she knew I didn't do it ;-)........mmmmm.........Thank you Paula. Somebody has to take care of me, I guess.

Leroy and I did manage to talk about my liver problems a little last night. I'm kinda not ready to talk much until I get a better story from the doctor. No sense in making folks think I'm dying before I'm dead ;-)!

All in all, today has been a GREAT day..........

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