Wednesday, August 15


If you have errors when you come to my page, you are gonna have to email me and let me know what they are and I will try to figure this junk out. I am no pro, I can tell you that. I'm learning though!

I've had a very productive day at work today. Got lots of stuff done. I think I did more today than gets done sometimes in a whole week! I have tons more to do tomorrow, plus I have two staff going to a community day at that leaves me with two staff here and me. By the way.......I add a link to my job occasionally.....I work at the Corporation to Develop Communities of Tampa, Inc. big secret or anything. I coordinate the Career Resource Center which assist people in finding employment.

A friend of mine asked me wasn't I afraid of some weirdo finding me or some KKK folks, etc. because I am so open with stuff on this Blog. Fact of the matter is, there are plenty of weirdos all around, not just on the for the KKK......I'm sure they have more important things to do than to interest themselves with a middle aged couple and their five children.

The opinions I express here are mine. Some of them are pretty weird though, so maybe the weirdos and I would have something in common (SMILE). I have read some blogs that (to my way of thinking) were a LOT stranger and even more revealing than mine. I have read a teenager's blog about what drugs they use, and a gay guy's blog about what sexual positions he prefers (that one had pictures). To me......THAT is telling a lot of stuff. When I discuss here about arguements that my husband and I have, I try to include the solution we had. I don't think it's too productive to discuss a problem without including a solution. Anyway.......most couple argue, some are louder than others, some folks never come up with solutions. So I guess I don't worry about the BOOGEY MAN getting me, but I appreciate my friend's concern. Shoot, if the boogey man got me (OR one of my kids) he would sure hurry to give us back.

Remind me to tell you about when I was the BOOGEY MAN..........

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