Tuesday, April 27

I don't relax. Either I'm moving as fast as I can or I am at a total standstill. I have never been able have that midway point. There is always so much to do though. I think the worst part of that is that expect everyone else to keep up with me. I can see that in myself when I step back and take a look, but when I am in the process of accomplishing whatever I am working on, I don't see it in me unless Leroy points it out.

For the last week, my goal has been to get a handle on my laundry. I have thrown tons of stuff away and I've institued an organizational piece with the girls. They have two bins a piece. One for tops, One for bottoms. Sundays they pick out clothes for the entire next week and put them in attaching baskets. Each girl has ten wire baskets that attach, so they have clothes already ready when they wake up (that includes socks and shoes). This has made my mornings easier to handle. George has the large bins for tops and bottoms too. Night clothes, socks, and underware go in the drawers.

My dryer broke, so I have been hanging out clothes on the fence. That is working out so much better because they dry faster than if I was to use the dryer.

I really want Leroy to get that privacy fence put up. We have had all the stuff for ages and it is partially up---------which makes it look even worse. It will probably take me another couple of weeks to have the house back to normal, then, if he doesn't have it up....I will put it up.

I need a box springs for a full size bed, two full size matresses, and one twin matress. Any ideas?

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