Tuesday, July 20

It is raining again today.  I like the rain, but the only problem is that Leroy can’t work a whole day.  We truly don’t need any short checks around here either.

 It is time to buy school clothes for the girls.  Luckily Jamila still has a lot of her uniforms from last year, but I do need to get a couple of school logo shirts at 14 bucks a pop, and a couple of skirts.  Georgie needs black shoes, and Lee Lee and Destiny need a few things.

I really have to go through all the rooms, AGAIN, to purge all the clothes that are not suitable and/or too small.  They have lots of clothes, but they are play clothes.
When I got home yesterday, Leroy had been home most of the day.  He used it to relax though and he really needs to do that, so I didn’t care.  I do hope he gets some things done if he goes home today.  He probably will too, with it raining so badly.

I moved to a different space (cubicle) in a different section of the building last week and I like my new spot.  It was recently painted in shades of tan and brownish and I find the colors very soothing.  Everyone says my space looks like a living room, but I like to be comfortable and I enjoy my plants and “stuff”.

The dogs have been staying in the shed since the rain has been so bad, and Leroy is upset because now his shed smells like dog.  He needs to clean it out anyway, you can’t even walk in there.

George and Lee Lee are staying home today because Lee Lee did something to her toe and it is all swollen up.  It is better to stay off of it for a day or two.

Well I better get to work!

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