Sunday, July 18

A rainy Sunday thing Florida does not lack is rain in the summer time.  Sometimes I think that the whole state is one big over-developed swamp.  I love it here though, even with all the humidity.  Even though the air seems too thick to breath sometimes.
We did have a drought a couple of years ago though.  There was NO significant rain for two years.  Now THAT was NOT a good thing!  We need our rain because of the intense heat.
I got a decent letter from Jake yesterday AND he wrote his brother George.  He got all the stuff we sent apparently.  He had strep throat at one point and he said his temp was up to 104.  All my kids have always gotten really high temps like that, but he is kind of old to be getting up that high.
I haven't heard from Joy lately, since she was posting on the photo page.  I don't know what's up with that.
Jamila has been going to the camp that is held at THE BEST prep school in Tampa.  Did I tell you she and 3 other girls from her school got a scholorship to go there !!!  We would never be able to afford something like that and it is a true blessing that she was chosen and is able to attend.
My van broke down.  I don't know what is wrong with it.  Leroy said it was something to do with the fuel.  I think he put a fuel filter in yesterday, but I don't keep up with all that stuff.
I have to go get groceries!!

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