Sunday, February 15

I am trying to get Leroy ready to go to the fair!!! I want to leave at 2:00 regardless. I went and got groceries this morning. The kids have been working on the house, but I may have to get some help in, for real!

I got a good deal at Wal Mart for the girls. Nice jeans with appliques and stuff like they like for only 9 dollars a pair.

Funny, how my children are growing. Jake graduates high school this year and goes straight into the Marines. George is five foot six and weighs 164 at 12 years old and is already in middle school. Jamila is still in a size 14 girls, but Lee Lee is getting bigger by the day. AND the FEET on those girls!!!! Leighanne can were a size 8, and the other day we went to Ryan's and Jamila wore a pair of MY shoes. Now, I am a 10, so I know they come by it naturally

Well, I have to get the kids back in the house so I can get some work done!

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