Tuesday, January 27

I've got more going on than I do time. Went to work, took Jake with me. He paid his late ticket next door to where I work. Then, I had to take him to the Doc. He had told me about a month ago he had stuck something in his toe, but then I heard no more about it. He went for a Marine Pool function Saturday and said his foot was hurting. It was swollen and kind of red, so I made an acute apointment for him and took him in.

Come to find out he has Cellulitis (inner infection) and he is now on pain pills and antibiotics.

I got SOME work done here at home, but that pretty much shot the day. I am making spagetti (how is that really spelled) and then I have to go pick up the little girls from daycare and Jamila from the Academy. Leroy is picking up George. He joined soccer and has to be picked up daily now too.

It never ends.......

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