Monday, May 10

Wow, I don't keep up the way I used to!! I go to do a post and the whole dang screen has changed!

Anyway, times are getting better here at the home front, and you didn't even know they had got worse, did ya?

Jake graduates from High School the 26th of this month. He will be leaving for Paris Island the first part of June. 3 months of basic and he comes home and then goes for combat training. I guess it is pretty much settled where he goes from there. I'm not happy about it, but someone has to do it. I just wish it were not MY son. You can pray for him, if you will.

I won't get Jake's SSA from his Dad's death anymore, and the finance thing has not been good in my house for quite a while even WITH that money. SOOOO, I called Consumer Credit Counseling and they are going to take over paying our CC debt which is up to about 18 grand now. It will cost 500 dollars a month. That is a lot better than it has been!!!!

Joy called me yesterday on Mother's Day. They have moved to Portland, OR. She says "Randy" is now working side jobs doing lawn work. Funny, when they got together he couldn't work (she *he* said) because he had a heart murmer. She needs prayer too.

I am so tired I can hardly see straight. Off to early bed!!!!

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