Friday, July 9

Finally got a decent letter from Jake. He seems a lot more emotional than he was before. I guess that comes with the breaking down and the building up process that the Marines use to train the soldiers.

I have been pretty upset about the whole thing myself since his 18th birthday Monday. He is just a baby and they gave him an M16. I have been doing a LOT of investigation about Iraq since the day he may go there gets closer and closer.

I have met another Mother there. Her name is Faiza. She is Shia. I know now that there are two major regilious bodies there. They are Sunni and Shia. I have heard they are very different. I don't really know details though.

I have been fighting boughts of depression. Today is a brigher day, thank God!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Basic training was the worst experience of my life. And marine boot camp is suppose to be even worse! Don't be too hard on him if he doesn't make it.