Saturday, May 1

Okay, it is OFFICIALLY "My Favorite Month" MAY, MAY, MAY, MAY, MAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to get some spring cleaning done, but I have someone staying with us, and I am unable to do what I usually do. Leroy and I have swore not to have folks staying with us, and I know why.

I am going to have to ask her to leave within two weeks. That may seem funny, but we just can't live like this. There are too many people in the house and I want my living room back.

There are 'reasons' of course, but I choose not to go there. I just need things back to normal.

Leroy and George are at a Men's Retreat with the church. Leroy didn't really want to go, but I had already paid for it. I know they are having fun though!!

I was suppose to have gone over to the church for fellowship and lunch, but I didn't make it. I am still trying to clean up this dang house. It's well on it's way to being clean though. One thing I am going to have to do is GET RID of a TON of JUNK!!!

I smell brownies...................hmmmmm.........maybe I should get them out of the oven......................

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