Wednesday, August 11

I'm tired!

Last couple of days I have been exhausted when I get home. I guess stuff is catching up with me. I never put it on here, but I did the credit counseling thing a while back. Where they take all your cards and unsecured debt and consulidate it to where you only have to pay a lump some every month, live with in your means, and in 4 years you are debt free. I don't know about you but this sounded like a good deal to me. We lost money when Jake left. I had been receiving SSA for Jake because his dad was killed. I no longer have that income and Leroy had really enjoyed his cards, Master, Home Depot and Lowes. Need I say more.

The student loans will come next. DID I BOTHER TO SAY ON THIS BLOG THAT I GOT MY COLLEGE DEGREE???? A Bachelors, Cum Laude, I could have done better..............

So I have a lovely piece of paper now, and an $18.000 bill to pay eventually, and am 44 years old. Well, at least the loan will die if I do and not haunt my family.

Now, with only 4 kids at home and no more school, PLUS we have to live within our means, I have decided to get a part time job...............and I did. Parking cars in Ybor City, which is Tampa's version of Bourbon St. It is 10 hours a week, which is perfect, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights only until the Forum gets back up and having sporting events, hockey games, etc. Then maybe more hours. I want to be able to PAY for Christmas. I thought I would even start lay-away now and K-Mart and WalMart. Leroy is already working six days a week now, so I have to catch up a little. He doesn't really like the idea, but it's plain that we need to do SOMETHING.

It is almost time for Jake to graduate from Boot Camp. I have written him probably 3 or 4 times a week since he has been gone. We will be going to SC EARLY the morning of the 2nd and getting back the 4th. That gives us two nights in hotels, so that should be fun for us, the kids, and of course Jake. He will actually be a Marine. Maybe even a MAN. That is so weird.........

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