Thursday, August 5

First Day of School

Well, this is it! The first day of school. I woke everyone up a little after five. They got dressed and had some cereal. I wanted them to have something in case it was too hectic to eat at school. Georgie leaves for the bus at 6. He has a TON of kids to walk to the bus stop with, that's a good thing! I left at 6:30 to take Jamila and drop her off. She got there about 6:50. Then, I went BACK by the house where Lee Lee and Destiny's school is. I had not met their teachers because I was at George's open house when they had theirs. Leroy took them to theirs. BUUUUTTTT, I was able to met their teachers and I even had breakfast with them at the school. They ate some more cereal, and I had a bagel pizza and a banana. It worked out well.

I did feel weird without Jake starting to school. It seems hard to believe that he has graduated and is gone. I have been getting letters from him. He failed his first rifle range test and he took another one Monday. I have not heard anything since then, but Brother Bradley prayed for the shooting test itself in church Sunday, so I am sure it went well. I have not made the correct plans to get to and stay the night at Jake's graduation at Parris Island! I have to do something soon!!!!

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