Saturday, September 15

Up and at 'em!

You've never heard that before, have you? Well, Leroy and the boys have gone to do a side job. One thing for sure, those boys will know the value of hard work. The girls and I are going to the grocery store and the drug store. Started out slow this morning, but I'm perking up. It's still cool and breezy outside. A left over from the storm. Leroy will be working probably all this week end helping folks clean up. No AC needed again today! That is unusual for September in Tampa, FL.

You know I talk about AC, but what I haven't said is that this is the first place I have really had as an adult with Central Heat and Air. I remember it being so hot at night in the summer time that I used to wet towels and put them over the kids to keep them cool at night. This will be our 6th Christmas here. We moved in Dec 7, 1996. I love our little home. God has blessed us!

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